/ 22 February 2024

Calm the (election) farm

Image source: AAP
Image source: AAP

PM Albanese reckons everyone needs to cool their jets after a bit of early election speculation swept through Canberra late on Tuesday. A leaked text message from his chief of staff Tim Gartrell revealed the PM’s office was getting a new senior hire “as we enter the election year”.  But Albanese says he intends to serve a full term – through to May next year – and the story is just a bit of a beat up”. And to prove he’s serious about ticking over into 2025, the PM flagged bringing forward next year’s Budget to March – so it doesn’t get in the way of a late-autumn poll. And just for a bit of recent context –  federal governments have gone close to serving a full 3 years over the past couple of decades. And if you wanna know more about the big fish joining Albanese’s office, here’s a sneaky look at David Epstein’s bio…

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