/ 29 May 2024

Giles is in the hot seat


If you’ve been hearing about something called ‘direction 99’, let us shed some light… It’s to do with the restoration of visas for non-Australian citizens convicted of serious crimes – including several child rapists. Immigration Minister Andrew Giles is under fire for it, after visas cancelled by his department were overturned by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) late last week. In its decision, the AAT referred to ministerial direction 99 – which Giles signed off on in early 2023. It allows criminals to avoid deportation if they have strong enough ties to Australia. Reports today say Giles was warned the ruling could result in 25% of cases being overturned, but when at least 30 legal challenges arose, they were kept from him by the Department of Home Affairs. Giles has since cancelled at least one visa of a man accused of murder and he says he’ll urgently review other recent cases.

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