/ 02 February 2021

Who pays for our politics?

Questions about the effectiveness of Australia’s political donation rules have been raised following yesterday’s release of disclosures from the 2019-20 financial year. The Electoral Commission revealed that Clive Palmer’s mining company Mineralogy takes first place – it shot $5.9 million in the direction of his own United Australia Party. Next was Pratt Holdings (think Visy packaging) which donated $1.3 million to the Liberals, and $250,000 to their National party cousins. And then the amounts fall away from there. The parties’ funding was down across the board, and when you look at their total income (including donations, memberships, and public funding), the Liberal Party received $57 million, Labor banked $55 million, and the Nationals and Greens raked in $12.4 million and $19.1 million respectively. Critics want more timely information published, along with reform of the rules, like a cap on the amount that can be given. 

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