/ 14 September 2023

A referendum brawl


Today makes a month until Australians have their say on the Voice – and it’s fair to say the campaign is getting pretty fraught… Prominent ‘Yes’ campaigner Professor Marcia Langton is seeking legal advice over a social media post from Coalition leader Peter Dutton, which she says misquotes her. Langton was at an event in Western Australia over the weekend and talked about the arguments of the ‘No’ cases coming down to “base racism” or “sheer stupidity”. She insists she wasn’t talking about voters themselves but the ‘No’ campaign tactics. The episode dominated Question Time in Federal Parliament yesterday with Dutton calling the Voice “a disaster dividing families and our nation” while Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said “no claim is too outlandish, no claim is too sinister” for Dutton. The ‘Yes’ campaign will be hoping for better headlines today with the Long Walk arriving at Parliament House in Canberra today…

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