/ 12 May 2021

A tragedy in Port Lincoln

The South Australian community was left in shock yesterday after a 13yo Indigenous boy was killed when the industrial rubbish bin he and 2 other boys aged 11yo and 12yo were sleeping in was emptied by a collector. Police said the 12yo was able to escape the bin and run to the cabin to alert the operator, but he didn’t get their attention in time. The 11yo escaped injury, but the unnamed 13yo sustained fatal injuries. Superintendent Paul Bahr said the boys were not homeless, and it would take some time before the uninjured pair would be able to speak about what happened. “Just one of the levels of tragedy of this is why these 3 children thought they needed to be sleeping in the bin on what was a pretty cold and wet night,” said Bahr. Child protection authorities in South Oz have confirmed the dead boy was not in state care.

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