/ 13 May 2024

Amazing auroras

Aurora Australis

Did your socials fill up with stunning images of auroras lighting up night skies over the weekend? Ours did after Aussie stargazers in Tasmania, outback Western Oz, and coastal regions of Victoria and Southern Oz revelled in the Aurora Australis – aka the Southern Lights – which can usually only be seen in Tassie or Victoria’s far south. But it wasn’t just a show for the Southern Hemisphere… The Aurora Borealis – aka the Northern Lights – also dazzled in countries that rarely see them – including the US, the UK and Russia. Scientists have put the extraordinary event down to a rare severe geomagnetic storm causing a solar outburst to reach Earth, calling it a “gift from space weather”. And there’s likely to be more opportunities this year as the sun remains in its most active phase in a decade. Those links have some great pics, so get into ‘em…

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