/ 11 July 2024

Better the devil you know

work, employment

If you’re fed up with your job, the Bureau of Stats won’t give you much solace with new data showing job mobility has dropped to its lowest level since before the pandemic. In the 12 months to February, 8% of workers – which is about 1.1 million people – switched employers, down from 9.5% last year. Sales workers were the most likely to change, while those working in arts/recreation were least likely to move. Experts say rising interest rates/cost of living is having an impact, with Anglicare’s deputy director Maiy Azize saying “if you’ve got a good job, you’re probably less likely to want to move around”. The data also shows unemployed Aussies are finding it harder to get a job because there are “too many applicants for available jobs”. Might be time to rethink your quiet quitting strategy…

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