/ 18 October 2023

… meanwhile, returning from China

Image source: Flickr
Image source: Flickr

Aussie journo Cheng Lei has made her first public appearance since being released from Chinese detention, and boy is she happy to be out. Cheng said she was arrested at her work, the Chinese broadcaster CGTN, and that throughout her 3 years in prison the lights in her cell were never turned off, day or night. We also got some more details about why she was imprisoned: Cheng said her ordeal was all because she shared a government briefing document “a few minutes” before she was officially allowed to… which might seem like a nothing, but Cheng said the purpose of her arrest and detention was “to drive home that point – that in China, that is a big sin”. As for what’s next, Cheng plans to cook, travel, and write – although her detainment has left her “expecting people to drop out of the sky and arrest me.”

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