/ 18 June 2024

News consumers reach for the off button


We have a deep connection to the news. Through good and bad times, we’re there for it. However, an international survey of 94,943 people across 47 countries has found the uptick in “depressing” global events is causing more people to actively avoid it. The Reuters Institute’s 2024 Digital News Report shows 39% – particularly women/young people – sometimes or often avoid the news, up from 29% in 2017. Lead author Nic Newman put it down to people feeling “powerless” over “particularly difficult” news in recent years… “You’ve had the pandemic [and] wars, so it’s a fairly natural reaction for people to turn away,” he said. As for us, the University of Canberra’s Digital News Report: Australia 2024 shows we’re more concerned about AI and its potential impact on journalism/misinformation/disinformation than the rest of the world. What a discerning bunch…

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