/ 30 July 2021

[Reaches for property app to look up Tassie]

Say there was, dunno, the rise of artificial intelligence that precipitated the end of civilisation as we know it, you’ll want to hightail it to somewhere that can protect its border, can grow enough food, has the ability to manufacture stuff and produce electricity. And that’s why New Zealand, Iceland, the UK, Tasmania and Ireland have been nominated as the perfect places to retreat to if doomsday is on the cards. In a study led by the Global Sustainability Institute, researchers said the weight of academic literature points to human civilisation being “in a perilous state”. Add to that a severe financial crisis, the worsening of climate change, an even worse pandemic – or perish the thought, a combination of these – you’ll need to get to somewhere resilient. “We need to start thinking about resilience much more in global planning. But obviously, the ideal thing is that a quick collapse doesn’t happen,” said Professor Aled Jones. Yes, that would be ideal…

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