/ 01 March 2023

Snakes alive in Australia’s centre


Alice Springs has really copped it of late. If it’s not in the spotlight for a crime crisis, it’s where Jetstar passengers are held on the tarmac for eleventy million hours thanks to a diverted flight. Now, there are warnings that eleventy trillion snakes are inhabiting the town’s drains, shoes and couches. That number might be an overstatement, but when your pain threshold is one, eleventy trillion feels about right… Local nope rope catcher Rex Neindorf – aka the best bloke to be mates with in Alice Springs – says that in his 20 years on the job, he’s never seen anything like this season. That’s because there’s been good rainfall for a couple of years, and conditions have been good for breeding. His advice: “you’ve got to be ultra careful” about putting shoes on and sitting on the sofa because you never know where the region’s venomous western browns have snuggled away. Hard no…

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