/ 31 May 2024

Some seriously dud durries


The so-called ‘tobacco wars’ in and around Melbourne are back in the news… This has to do with the growing market for counterfeit cigarettes in Australia, which is costing taxpayers billions of dollars in forgone tax revenue. But, unlike the dark street corner/alleyway deals you might expect for black market purchases, reports say counterfeit cigarettes are being peddled in plain sight. Dud brands like ‘Manchester Classic Gold’ are taking over, being sold for half, or even a third, of the price of their pricey authentic counterparts. The hefty tax for above-board tobacco sales also isn’t being applied – and that’s luring organised crime gangs who want to exploit the market. Meanwhile, e-cigarettes – aka vapes – also haven’t had the best week, PR-wise… The US Food and Drug Administration says the nicotine alternatives used in vapes might be more addictive than nicotine itself. Yikes…

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