/ 14 June 2024

Storm Boy it ain’t…


It turns out a newly-discovered species of pterosaur – aka ancient flying reptiles best described as “demonic pelicans” – once called Australia home. Scientists at Curtin University said they identified the new species after finding 100-million-year-old fossilised remains in outback western Queensland. And if you’re not up to date with your dinosaur variants, they’ve given a rundown of the “intense looking” creature’s appearance… PhD candidate Adele Pentland, who led the researchers, says they had a 60-centimetre jaw full of spike-shaped teeth (all the better to hunt for oceanic prey), a huge tongue, and a 4.6 metre wingspan – “bigger than the largest bird we have around today”. Doesn’t sound terrifying at all… They’ve called it ‘Haliskia peterseni’ (translating to ‘Petersen’s phantom of the sea’) after the man who found the fossils – Kevin Petersen. Now there’s a legacy… 

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