/ 03 November 2023

Revisiting Milli Vanilli, how to spot a stroke, and the perfect cookies for gifting season…


If you want to feel old, ask anyone under 35yo if they’ve heard of Milli Vanilli… We’re just prepping you as we give a solid thumbs up for the docu-movie about their controversial rise and fall that was released on Paramount+ last week. It’s really good, whether you’ve heard of ‘em or not. 

Sorry to be a downer, but here’s your public health announcement… A mate was home with her dad a couple of weeks ago when he had a stroke. She knew it was a stroke because she remembered the FAST steps – and as a result, her dad will be ok. Take a look – that little bit of knowledge could help someone you love. 

Squiz HQ was graced by these miso/macadamia/white choc cookies made by one of the team – and it’s a recipe to put on repeat. Get practising now (they’re easy, but you should try at least a couple of batches to taste test just to be sure…), and we reckon they would make great Chrissy gifts for those neighbours/teachers/colleagues you rely on all year. 

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