/ 15 September 2023

The best time to caffeinate

jakub-dziubak-XtUd5SiX464-unsplash (3)

Coffee is always a good idea (fight us…), but most experts agree that the best time to get your bean boost is about 90-120 minutes after you wake up. While many are tempted to immerse themselves in caffeine first thing, cortisol – a hormone that raises your energy levels once you’re awake – drops off by about mid-morning. So waiting until then is the best way to go, they say. And when it comes to the optimum caffeine cut-off time, we say never. But the experts say while it’s generally a good idea to avoid it before bed, the effect on sleep varies from person to person. And for those who prefer a cuppa over a coffee, there’s a new variety of tea bags that take just 30 seconds to brew. The average English Breakfast tea bag needs about 3 minutes but 85% of surveyed Brits leave them in for under a minute. Our method = 10 jiggles. You’re welcome.

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