/ 02 July 2024

A golden autograph, country pop takes over, and a lifetime achievement award at 45…


A 70yo British woman has made $3,800 from selling her autograph book, 56 years after she got legendary rocker Jimi Hendrix to sign it. Sara Bland was just 14yo when she randomly came across the star in the UK country town of Ipswich. Sounds like some Voodoo Child

If Shania Twain’s Glastonbury Legends set wasn’t a big enough clue, country pop is taking over the charts. And with so much crossover between Nashville and other genres – think Taylor Swift and Beyoncé – we’re not sure how to describe our music tastes anymore…

And R&B star Usher received a lifetime achievement award at the 2024 BET Awards in LA, but at just 45yo he quipped it might have come a bit early saying, “I’m still running and gunning”. And he didn’t look out of place among all the hot young acts on the blue carpet

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