/ 21 May 2024

France shaking off its rep, China’s futuristic cabs, and the NYC/Dublin portal reopens…


France is trying to shake off its rep for being a bit rude ahead of more than a million visitors flocking to the country for the Olympics. More than 1,600 businesses have signed a charter promising to be welcoming – aka not giving the stink-eye to hapless/french language-butchering tourists.  

And if you’re headed to China anytime soon, you might be travelling around in a flying taxi… Beijing is set to get commercial electric vertical take-off and landing – aka eVTOL – services off the ground. It’s already using drones to deliver people’s mid-week takeaway… 

After being shut down due to “inappropriate behaviour” last week, the portal between New York City and Dublin is back online. To avoid a repeat of the mooning/flashing shenanigans (mostly from the Irish side…), organisers have set some new family-friendly hours of operation.

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