/ 06 November 2023

Spotting a bounty, chatting to cats, and jumping from tall places…


A diver’s excellent eyesight has led to the discovery of 30-50,000 ancient bronze coins off the coast of Italy. The coins are in a “rare state of preservation”, according to Italy’s Culture Ministry, and the discovery could mean a notable nearby shipwreck.

What’s that, Lassie? Timmy fell down the well? The dream of animal-to-human chit-chat might be one step closer as AI researchers attempt to use the tech to understand our pets. Cats are first, and the researchers said they’ve already found “a much greater richness in cat expressions than we appreciate”.

David Kirke, the inventor of the bungee jump, has died aged 78yo. A founder of the Dangerous Sports Club at Oxford, he took the initial leap on April Fools’ Day 1979 dressed in a top hat and tails, with a bottle of Champagne in hand. “The main thing going through my mind was ‘whoooppeeee!'” he wrote of the feat.

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