Squiz Quiz – 22 June 2024

1. Chinese Premier Li Qiang was in Australia - what didn’t he do on his visit?

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It was a big week - and on the pandas, we're getting a new pair at the end of the year.

2. More details on the Coalition's nuclear energy plan have been released - what was the main point?

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And on those locations - 5 of the 7 proposed are in Coalition-held seats...

3. What delegation did Pope Francis host at the Vatican in Rome this week?

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More than 100 comedians from around the world met with the Pontiff to celebrate the importance of humour. So there you go...

4. Russia's Vladimir Putin has put forward a Ukraine war ceasefire plan - what's the main feature?

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Ukraine said yeah, nah...

5. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Putin have had a catch up in North Korea. What did they agree?

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Kim Jong Un even threw him a parade in Pyongyang, before they got down to some more serious business.

6. Which Aussie food chain debuted on the stock exchange this week?

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And it was the biggest debut in 3 years, reaching $3 billion.

7. Nvidia became the most valuable listed company in the world this week - what do they produce?

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It took the top spot on Tuesday when its share price jumped 3.5% on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

8. Tassie has announced a range of unique jobs for volunteers - what isn't on the list?

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9. Which Royal returned to the spotlight last weekend to attend the UK's Trooping the Colour ceremony?

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Look at her go...

10. What astronomical event happened this week?

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It's the day when there's the least amount of daylight - bring on the longer days...

Squiz Quiz - 22 June 2024

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