Squiz Media Editorial Standard

Established in 2016, and remaining entirely independent, Squiz Media’s mission is to be a shortcut to being informed for busy Australians. Our newsletter and podcast content aim to cover the important news of the day by breaking down complex information in a way that gives more people access to the news. 

Our commitment to agenda-free news products is paramount. Each Squiz Media story undergoes rigorous processes, editorial review, and in-house editing. We focus on:

  1. Precision and Clarity:
  • Ensure accuracy and distinguish factual material from opinion.
  • Present factual information with fairness and balance.
  • Correct significant inaccuracies or misleading content promptly.
  1. Privacy and Avoidance of Harm:
  • Respect individuals’ privacy.
  • Avoid causing substantial offenc, distress, or harm.
  1. Integrity and Transparency:
  • Refrain from using deceptive or unfair means to gather material.
  • Disclose and avoid conflicts of interest, ensuring they don’t affect our content.

Branded Content: Squiz Media collaborates with brands of genuine interest to our readers/listeners. All branded content is clearly marked for transparency. Social media posts adhere to platform requirements, clearly labelling partnerships. 

Affiliate Links: From time to time, we will feather a product, service or business recommended by our team. Some articles may include affiliate links with a clear disclosure

Copyright: We prioritise original content, obtaining necessary permissions and making royalty payments when featuring media created by third parties. 

Complaints: To file a complaint, please contact us at [email protected].

Complaints Process: Upon receiving a complaint, a Squiz Media staff member will gather relevant details. The Publisher determines whether further action is warranted. All complainants are informed of this decision and the final outcome.

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