Squiz Today / 01 July 2019

Squiz Today – Monday, 1 July


“Her technique is, like, flawless.”

Said 23-times grand slam champion Serena Williams of Ash Barty, admitting she was surprised to hear the Aussie had taken the #1 ranking. Today marks the start of Wimbledon, and if all goes well for the pair, they'll meet in the quarter-finals next week. Pimms anyone?


That was the agenda for US President Donald Trump’s last-minute meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un late yesterday. It was ‘last minute’ because it seems to have been convened after Trump's Saturday tweet inviting himself to see Kim at the heavily fortified demilitarised zone between North and South Korea received a positive response. And it’s historic because Trump is the first sitting American leader to cross the border since the end of the Korean War 66 years ago. “I never expected to see you in this place,” said Kim to Trump on his arrival. Until Saturday, no one was anticipating it.

After talks broke down between the power pair in Vietnam in February, ‘grease’ is still the word. No, not really, the word is ‘denuclearisation’... And with no progress since then on how and when North Korea would dismantle its nuclear capabilities, the prospect of America lifting sanctions that have left its economy significantly diminished has been off the table. That led to Kim shoring up support with China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin. But it also led to Trump and Kim recently resuming their pen-pal relationship, and with Trump spending a couple of days in South Korea, it seemed rude not to swing by…

Trump said the idea to meet occurred to him and his Twitter thumbs on Saturday. Critics say the meeting was most likely arranged behind the scenes, and the ensuing spectacle is the former reality show star doing what he does best - creating some drama. Regardless of how it came about, South Korea's President Moon Jae-in, who is committed to peace between the nations, was delighted with how yesterday went. “Seeing that tweet made me feel that the flower of peace is blossoming on the Korean Peninsula.” It’s hoped the encounter (that was bruising for Trump’s new press secretary) will set the stage for more substantive talks, and a possible visit by Kim to the US, soon.



Host leader Abe Shinzo might have declared the summit a success, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing… Much like things in the demilitarised zone, the summit bringing together the world’s most powerful leaders also revolved around President Trump. The headline is that the trade war with China is on hold - for the moment. After the collapse of talks two months ago and another round of tariff hikes, China’s President Xi Jinping and Trump committed to coming back to the table. Trump has also eased up on Huawei saying US companies can restart selling their equipment to the Chinese telco giant. And he told Putin not to meddle in the 2020 election… with a smile. As for PM Scott Morrison, he scored an agreement to pressure the social media platforms over the distribution of violent terrorism online. He also had some Twitter fun with India’s PM Narendra Modi. Not having fun was UK caretaker PM Theresa May who wins the award for the least enthusiastic handshake. Until Riyadh next year…


PM Morrison looked like a man unable to say a whole lot about what is known, or unknown, about the whereabouts of Alek Sigley when he was asked about it on the weekend. Sigley is the Aussie living and studying in North Korea who has not been heard from for a week. Morrison said world leaders had offered “nothing but overwhelming support and offers of cooperation and assistance." He also said he had spoken to Sigley’s family. Asked about whether he’d asked Trump to make representations, he said; “The best way we can do that [locate Sigley] is doing it quietly, effectively, working with our partners [and] not allowing this to be taken up into other agendas.”

And while we have you... the parents of missing Belgian backpacker Theo Hayez yesterday met with Byron locals to thank them for their efforts to locate him. He has been missing for a month. Police said they would "continue to work for the answers that his family so desperately need."


PLAY - From today, Japan is back in the commercial whaling game after a 30-year hiatus. Hunters return to the nation’s coastal waters following Japan’s departure from the International Whaling Commission.

PAUSE - Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and her 2IC/boyfriend Ramesh 'Sunny' Balwani are on hold until August next year to face trial for criminal fraud. Once a Silicon Valley darling that counted Rupert Murdoch, Henry Kissinger and Jim Mattis as supporters, the startup which claimed to be able to test for multiple conditions from a small drop of blood went belly up taking many millions of investors' dollars with it.

STOP - Apple’s design guru Jony Ive is leaving the company to set up his own thing. The man behind the look, sound and user experience of every iconic Apple device since the 1990s was a favourite of CEOs Steve Jobs and Tim Apple… sorry, Cook.


Europe is heating up - and it's not just because half your Facebook feed has fled to spend their winter vacations in sophisticated settings… France hit 45.9C on Friday to claim its hottest day on record. And there are reports of Germans freezing their hot water bottles to take to bed… Drawing hot air from northern Africa means northern Europe and the UK are copping a heatwave just a month into summer. Some pics are here.


It happened. ABC TV comedian Tom Gleeson took home the Gold Logie becoming the first personality from the ABC to win Aussie TV’s top award since Norman Gunston, a fictional character of Garry McDonald’s, in 1976. The Hard Chat/Quiz presenter had spent the lead up relentlessly deriding the awards – a theme he continued as he stood to make his acceptance speech. "There's been a lot of concern that I am turning this award into a joke – but I'm a comedian. I love jokes," he said. "I really think we should all lighten the f*** up... Our industry is dying, and I'm part of that." The biggest winner on the night? Anyone who had the good sense to go to bed early… The full list of winners is here, and a red carpet gallery is here.


Former NSW Governor and chief of the defence force David Hurley to be sworn in as new Governor-General - Canberra

Start of Wimbledon

Canada Day

Start of Dry July

Start of JulEye (national eye health awareness month)

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