Squiz Today / 15 April 2024

Squiz Today – 15 April 2024

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“It’s no secret that this episode is kind of testing how an audience will go.”

Said Bluey executive producer Daley Pearson of the extended episode, The Sign, that blew minds yesterday. The show clocked up 1.5 billion minutes of viewing in 7 days when new eps landed in the US in January, so there’s a strong chance it would be a hard ‘yes’ to a feature-length film…

Reeling from a deadly shopping centre attack

The Squiz

PM Anthony Albanese led condolences yesterday, laying a wreath near Sydney’s Bondi Junction Westfield shopping centre after 6 people were killed on Saturday afternoon. Queensland man Joel Cauchi was shot dead by police after he stabbed and killed 5 women and one man. Nine women, 2 men and a nine-month-old baby sustained injuries and were hospitalised – their conditions vary from critical to one who has already been released. Albanese said it was “a tragedy that should never have occurred” and he has called for national flags to be flown at half-mast today. And Premier Chris Minns (who’d just landed in Japan for a holiday before turning around to head home…) acknowledged the community’s anger. “But it’s very important to say that New South Wales will bounce back,” he said.  

It’s just so shocking… 

Well, it is the biggest mass killing seen in the state since a nurse set fire to a nursing home in Quakers Hill, killing 14 people in November 2011… Five of the victims have so far been named. Ashlee Good, a 38yo mum who that day posted to social media about her “indescribable love” for her 9-month-old daughter, died of her injuries in hospital. Her baby was also stabbed and is in a serious but stable condition. Dawn Singleton (the 25yo daughter of Australian adman John Singleton) and 47yo Jade Young (an architect/mum of 2) died at the scene. Pikria Darchia was also named as a victim last night – she was a 55yo artist and designer. Two on-duty security guards were also victims – one has been named as 30yo Faraz Ahmed, a refugee from Pakistan who was on his first day of work at the shopping centre. One more victim is yet to be named. 

And what happened? 

Cauci arrived at Westfield at 3:10pm, left, and returned 10 minutes later to start stabbing shoppers. The panic saw hundreds run for the exits or into stores where they could shelter. What ended it was the actions of Police Inspector Amy Scott… Authorities say there’s nothing to suggest a political/religious motive, and an investigation has been launched, including if Cauchi targeted women. As for what’s known about him, he moved to Sydney from Brissie last month and he’d “come to the notice of law enforcement” in NSW and Queensland for “mental health-related issues” but was not “known criminally”. In a statement, his family condemned his actions. If there is one thing to be grateful for, it’s that Cauchi didn’t have guns – not that he wasn’t interested… Yesterday, the PM said “it is an important reminder of how important it is that we do have strong gun laws in this country.” 

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Iran launches drone attack

As we hit send this morning, the United Nations Security Council is holding an emergency meeting over Iran’s “unprecedented” attacks on Israel yesterday. Iran followed through on threats of retaliation against Israel over a deadly strike on its embassy in Syria 2 weeks ago, which was widely believed to be an Israeli attack. Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari says Iran launched a full-scale attack involving more than 300 drones and 10 cruise missiles – most were shot down or stopped by its Iron Dome defence system. Reports say the main targets were military bases, and only one took minor damage. Israel promised a “significant response”, but US President Joe Biden has urged Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone call to “think carefully and strategically” about his next move. Biden reaffirmed America’s commitment to Israel but said it wouldn’t take part in a counter-strike.

World News

Questions over Alice’s future

With Alice Springs’ extended youth curfew coming to an end tomorrow morning, there are questions about what happens next… That was amplified yesterday after an early morning home invasion in the town’s suburban East Side, which police described as “particularly violent”. A woman was hit in the head multiple times before the attackers, who had smashed their way in with an axe, stole car keys, jewellery, a laptop and cash. Chief Minister Eva Lawler has assured that there’s a plan to prevent the situation from escalating again. She says 25 extra police officers will be based in the town for at least 11 weeks, with help from a second group of 10 SA Police officers assisting over the coming week.

Australian News

Rough economic seas ahead

The Aussie economy could be in for a period of prolonged difficulties, with the Treasury pointing to tensions in the Middle East, China’s economic troubles, and broader global economic issues as big problems. Treasurer Jim Chalmers will soon head to Washington for International Monetary Fund/World Bank/G20 finance minister meetings, where these challenges will be a hot topic. Chalmers has already hinted at a multi-billion-dollar revenue shortfall in the upcoming Federal Budget that will be delivered on 14 May, mostly thanks to a slump in iron ore prices. “This is one of the reasons why we expect much, much smaller revenue upgrades in the Budget than we’ve become accustomed to,” Chalmers said. New to that whole show will be Liberal Simon Kennedy – he won the federal seat of Cook with 70% of the vote on Saturday. 

AusPol Economy

A sporting fairytale

The now-famous Wrexham Association Football Club scored another major goal over the weekend, securing promotion to English football’s third-tier division with a 6-nil win against Gloucestershire side Forest Green. The last time the Welsh club made it to League One – which is only 2 tiers away from the Premier League – was the 2004-2005 season. Wrexham has been on a bit of a winning streak since Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought it in 2021, infusing it with new sponsorships/cash, international audiences, and a touch of star power. After the win, Reynolds said he and his “co-chairman in crime” – who had an extra reason to celebrate alongside his birthday – were having “the ride of our lives”.

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Listening to our elders

TikTok is synonymous with Gen Z, but the younger generation could have some more experienced competition vying for video views… “Mature” Gen X and Boomer users have grown huge audiences of devoted followers as they establish themselves as social media influencers. That includes Australia’s own Robert (80yo) and May (68yo) Leong, who – with the help of their 30yo son Terence – tackle lip-syncing/dance trends and dabble in quick-takes about the latest pop culture news. Their social media account has just over 75,000 followers and has even drawn the attention of one Taylor Swift… Meanwhile, members of Gen Z are putting down their phones and turning to the crafts of yesteryear, with “visible mending” – aka embroidery – on the rise. Everything old is new again…

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Apropos of Nothing

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares has taken on a new meaning, with the TV chef fighting to have 6 squatters kicked out of one of his London pubs. The group isn’t going quietly – they’ve even stuck a “legal warning” on the windows to defend themselves.

The History Trust of SA has kicked off a campaign to restore the iconic bus featured in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. It was found on a NSW property after a 30-year-long search, so it needs a bit of a spit and polish…

Aussie golfer Jason Day had his focus derailed at the Masters Tournament over the weekend with a few questions about his sartorial choices… He was told to remove his “garish” vest and he also had to defend his baggy pants. Each to their own… 

Quirky News

Squiz the Day

9.30am (AEST) – Public hearing: Senate Select Committee on Supermarket Prices – Canberra

9.30am (AEST) – Public hearing: Migration Amendment (Removal and Other Measures) Bill 2024 – Canberra 

10.00am (AEST) – Decision in Bruce Lehrmann’s defamation case against Network 10 and Lisa Wilkinson to be handed down – Sydney

Jury selection in Trump’s Hush Money Trial to begin in New York (overnight)

VIC, QLD, WA, NT Term 2 starts

Beginning of World Creativity & Innovation Week (on until 21 April) 

World Art Day 

Birthdays for Jeffrey Archer (1940), Emma Thompson (1959), Seth Rogen (1982), Emma Watson (1990), Maisie Williams (1997)

Anniversary of:

  • the birthdays of Leonardo da Vinci (1452), Henry James (1843) and North Korea founder Kim II-sung (1912)
  • the death of Abraham Lincoln (1865)
  • the sinking of the RMS Titanic (1912)
  • Ray Kroc opening first McDonald’s in Illinois (1955)
  • Nicolás Maduro being elected President of Venezuela (2013)
  • the Boston Marathon bombings (2013)
  • the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, which destroyed its spire and roof (2019)
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