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Is the term that’s been coined after Beyoncé was blamed for Sweden’s higher-than-expected inflation results. The singer’s world tour kicked off there last month, sparking demand for hotels and restaurants that left the economy a bit Heated

Van put into a spin

Independent Senator Lidia Thorpe made good on her promise to provide context to the accusations of harassment and assault she made against Victorian Liberal Senator David Van on Wednesday. She withdrew those claims, but yesterday she delivered a tearful statement to the Senate. While not naming the person/people involved, Thorpe said she was “inappropriately propositioned”, subjected to “sexual comments”, and was touched in the building’s corridors and stairwells. “Yesterday, I had to listen to a senator that has made me feel unsafe to speak about how important it is to keep women safe in Parliament… I could not stay silent,” she said. Thorpe says she will not go to the police and has called for more security and CCTV cameras in the building to deter inappropriate behaviour.

Thorpe didn’t say his name today and referenced the”rules of the Senate” as her reason. But what also unfolded yesterday was the dumping of Senator Van from the Liberal party room after leader Peter Dutton got wind of a separate complaint from former colleague Amanda Stoker who said Van had groped her at a work function in late 2020. An investigation into the claims has kicked off, and Dutton said “I’m not making any judgement on the veracity of the allegations or any individual’s guilt or innocence.” Van – who remains a Liberal Party member as he moves to the crossbench – maintains he’s not a grub and said Thorpe’s allegations are “concocted from beginning to end”. But he did acknowledge that he moved offices inside Parliament House in 2021 – Van and Thorpe were located close together, and she complained at the time that he made her uncomfortable.

Never… Thorpe was sworn in as a Green and the first Aboriginal Victorian Senator in 2020. Last year, she came to global attention when she raised a fist and called the Queen a “coloniser” at her swearing-in ceremony. And in February, she quit the Greens and became an Independent over a disagreement over the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Thorpe believes the proposal doesn’t give Indigenous Aussies enough political power. Amanda Stoker was a Liberal-National senator from Queensland until she lost her spot in last year’s election. These days she has a Sunday show on Sky News. As for David Van, until this week, he didn’t have much of a profile. He entered the Senate as a Liberal representative for Victoria in 2019 after working in communications and PR. According to his website, he advised clients “through 4 Royal Commissions and various other inquiries”. So he should know a thing or 2 about crisis management…


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Johnson’s party headaches continues

The parliamentary committee investigating former UK PM Boris Johnson and the so-called Partygate scandal (aka the gatherings he held/attended during England’s COVID lockdowns) published its report last night. It concluded that Johnson knew about the COVID rules banning get-togethers, knew he was in breach of the rules, and deliberately misled the Parliament to cover his tracks. The report recommends a 90-day suspension – but he’s already quit politics in anticipation of the report’s findings. He maintains that he believed the gatherings were lawful at the time. Johnson’s shifting accounts of the whole saga were a factor in his Conservative Party colleagues dumping him from the leadership last year. And pundits say it’s a lingering headache for his former colleagues as they now have to vote on the report’s findings.

World News

Embas-see ya later, Russia

Not in this neighbourhood, Russia – that’s the message the Federal Government sent yesterday when they cancelled a lease for a new Russian Embassy within spitting distance of Parliament House in Canberra. PM Anthony Albanese said the decision was “taken in the national security interests of Australia” after receiving advice about the risk of a Russian building within a kilometre of the nation’s Big House. “The government condemns Russia’s illegal and immoral invasion of Ukraine,” he added. Yesterday’s lease termination was a dramatic end to an ongoing saga… Russia was granted the lease in 2008, but it stalled on construction, prompting questions about their lease last year. Russia will still have their Embassy in a nearby suburb.


A record number of Aussies in jobs

Economists reckon another interest rate hike next month is on like Donkey Kiing after stronger-than-expected unemployment figures were released yesterday. The latest data from the Bureau of Stats saw the jobless rate drop 0.1% to 3.6% after nearly 76,000 jobs were added to the economy in May – well above predictions of 15,000 new jobs. It means the national participation rate – which measures Aussies aged 15yo+ who are working/seeking work – jumped to a record high of 66.9%, driven by more women joining the workforce. Alongside a boost to migration, it means a record 14 million of us are now employed. It could see the Reserve Bank hike the official cash rate again – but analysts say inflation data due later this month will be the deciding factor. And as our Kiwi friends across the ditch fall into recession, there’s still a lot of uncertainty ahead…

Australian News Business & Finance

C’mon Aussie…

Australia’s men’s Test cricket team will begin their Ashes campaign tonight in England. The last time we won the series outright as the visiting side was 2001, and the lads are hungry… The 5-match series begins at Edgbaston, near Birmingham, and you can tune in from 8pm AEST time. A bit further away is the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which begins on 20 July, but anticipation is building around the soccer tournament. PM Albanese yesterday made it very clear that he expects public holidays around the country if the Matildas take out the title, and this week star striker Sam Kerr said she’s feeling excited about our chances. There’ll be no public holiday on behalf of the men’s team, though, after the Socceroos lost 2-0 in a friendly played in Beijing against reigning FIFA champions Argentina. Lionel Messi scored just 79 seconds into the game…


Raising your beige flag

When it comes to the weird and wonderful world of relationships, you’ve probably heard of/used red flags and green flags that help those looking for a partner. Now, ‘beige flags’ are a thing… Like many trends that emerge from TikTok, there’s a bit of confusion about what the term means. But as this article explains, it’s something you realise about your partner that “is neither a dealbreaker nor a dealmaker, neither alarming nor alluring; it simply is.” So it’s the middle ground between a red and a green flag… It could be something as mundane as preferring Pepsi over Coke, fearing clowns, or ironing their underwear – which we’re led to believe are beige flag-inducing traits. One person’s ‘meh’ is another’s yuck/yum…

Quirky News

Friday Lites – Three things we liked this week

Speaking of cricket… Adults have been reduced to tears over a newly released episode of Bluey called ‘Cricket’. All the feelz have come because of what it says about the game’s life lessons – that it’s best to lean in and have a whack. Talk about hitting it for 6…

The best/most helpful list that the clever people at The Strategist pull together has been refreshed… Behold the ‘Best Jeans for Women of All Sizes’.

And there are few things better than a homemade chicken pie in winter. Ah Jill Dupleix, you’ve done it again…

Friday Lites

Squiz the Day

8.00pm (AEST) – Men’s Test Cricket – Ashes Match 1 – Australia v England – Birmingham

Liberal Party federal council meeting (until 17 June) – Canberra

International Day of the African Child

International Day of Family Remittances

Winner of the 2023 National Photographic Portrait Prize announced – National Portrait Gallery

Anniversary of:
• the formation of the Salvation Army in London (1880)
• the opening of the first rollercoaster in Coney Island, New York (1884)
• the marriage of poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath (1956)
• the premiere of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960)
• Russia’s Valentina Tereshkova becoming the first woman in space (1963)
• the release of David Bowie’s breakthrough album The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972)

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