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“Good for him. He’s living his best life down in Texas.”

Said Jennica King from Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita of one its flamingos that flew away in 2005 who’s been discovered this week in Texas, more than 800km away. Pink Floyd is his name, and he’s surely hummed this song about the mates he left behind…

Aussie MPs applaud Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky received a standing ovation as he became the 16th international dignitary to address a joint sitting of the Australian Parliament (and the first by videolink) as he continues his global outreach while fighting the Russian invaders. Speaking via a translator, he said Australia has a role in helping his nation to ensure what’s happening there doesn’t spread here. “Whatever is happening in our region because of the Russian aggression has been a real threat to your country and your people as well, because this is the nature of the evil. It can instantly cross any distance, any barriers and destroy lives,” Zelensky said.

He says if Russia is allowed to get away with atrocities like what’s unfolding in Ukraine, the whole world will become more unsafe. To illustrate his point, he referenced the downing of MH17 by Russian-backed separatists over eastern Ukraine in 2014. All 298 on board were killed, including 38 Australians. “Did we manage to hold accountable those who caused this tragedy? No. Because they’re hiding in Russia. So the unpunished evil comes back. If the world had punished Russia in 2014 for what it did, there wouldn’t be this invasion in Ukraine in 2022,” he said. He added that Russia’s move to put its nuclear arsenal on high alert should also worry the world. But he thanked Australia for the support and asked for military equipment, including Australia’s Bushmaster armoured vehicles. Reports say our government is considering if it’s something it can do.

Moscow has agreed to a short ceasefire in the city of Mariupol – it’s in the southeast of Ukraine and is home to a big port, so it’s strategically important. That’s why Russia has been bombing the heck out of it… More than 3,000 of the city’s 46,000 residents have been killed in this war, and about 170,000 people remain trapped there. The Red Cross has organised 45 buses to drop off supplies and pick up as many residents as possible. Russian forces have created chaos, but more signs that the war isn’t going to plan are emerging. Sir Jeremy Fleming, the head of the UK’s cyber spy agency, says new intelligence shows Russian soldiers are refusing to carry out orders, sabotaging their own equipment and have accidentally shot down their own aircraft. Still, the war continues, and 4 million Ukrainians have now fled the country, according to new figures from the United Nations’ refugee agency.


Squiz the Rest

NSW coast stays on high alert

Flood-affected residents in northern NSW are starting another round of cleanups as floodwaters began to recede yesterday. Reports say many residents across the Northern Rivers region are brokenhearted and frustrated as they face their 2nd flood disaster in a month. Overnight, the body of 55yo aged care nurse Anita Brakel was found – she was swept away in her car south of Lismore on Tuesday night. As the severe storm moves south, around 20 flood evacuation orders affecting 30,000 people ​​are in place for parts of northern NSW and the Mid North Coast. The weather bureau has also put residents in the Greater Sydney, Hunter, Illawarra and South Coast regions on high alert today – heavy rain, strong winds and dangerous surf conditions are forecast. As we turn the page on the month, Sydney has clocked its wettest March on record after receiving 537mm, which is a bit under half its average annual rainfall.

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Albanese promises care and renewal

Labor in government would spend $2.5 billion to overhaul the aged care sector, Anthony Albanese said last night in his Budget in Reply address. There’s funding for higher pay for nurses and workers, and better food and higher quality care for residents. Note: there is currently a wage case before Fair Work Australia, and last night Albanese committed to fund any boost it determines for aged care workers. Industry players say that could be as much as $4 billion a year. Following the speech, Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said Team Morrison had put $19.2 billion into aged care, and accused Labor of making promises without the dollars to back it. Albanese also touched on cost of living, child care, increasing wages, creating jobs – the usual stuff. “This agenda isn’t radical. My team and I are promising renewal not revolution,” he said, and he urged PM Scott Morrison to bring on the election. You can breathe easy or clench your teeth on that front – an election won’t be called this weekend, Morrison says. He’s still fighting to preselect candidates


Aussie TV anchor faces closed court trial in China

China-based Aussie journalist Cheng Lei’s one-day trial was held in Beijing yesterday, 19 months after being detained and accused of providing state secrets to foreigners. The former anchor of the Chinese Government’s English-language TV channel CGTM will receive her verdict and sentence down the track. Commentators say she’ll likely be found guilty because China has a 99% conviction rate in criminal trials, and a jail sentence could be between 5-10 years. Yesterday was her first court appearance since she was detained in August 2020, but the court was closed to our diplomats. “This is deeply concerning, unsatisfactory and regrettable,” said Graham Fletcher, Oz’s Ambassador to China. Ahead of the trial, Cheng’s lawyer said she’s in good physical and mental health. Her 12yo daughter and 10yo son are being cared for by family in Melbourne, and they “miss her immensely,” a spokeswoman said yesterday. 

World News

Eyeing World Cup cricket glory

Australia has the chance to reclaim the Women’s One Day International Cricket World Cup on Sunday. After crushing West Indies by 157 runs on Wednesday to secure a place in the final, we’ll face England, who we beat in the tournament’s first game. In fact, the Aussies have won every match – some have been easier than others, but England was one of the more challenging encounters. Captain Meg Lanning will be steering her world #1 team in the weekend’s final – the last time we won it was 2013. She says they went to the Kiwi-hosted tournament to win. Cross your fingers that superstar all-rounder Elysse Perry can rejoin the side after back spasms put her out of the last 2 games. Lucky for us, Alyssa Healy is on fire. C’mon Aussie…


Ageing into positivity

They say with age comes wisdom, and a new study has backed that up. Researchers at NSW and Cambridge Unis looked at the emotional reactions of 249 participants aged 18-88yo to a series of positive, neutral and negative film clips, ranging from a laughing baby to war scenes. Participants were then told to try and reduce any negative emotions they felt by reframing what they saw. The study found that the older someone was, the more likely they were able to reframe adverse events in a positive light. Co-author Susanne Schweizer said the findings correspond to a previous theory claiming older people have a “broader psychological toolkit” and are “better able to put things in ­perspective”. And here we were, looking forward to becoming a grumpy old fart…


Friday Lites – Three things we liked this week

If you like ducks, this is just a simple laugh. We’ve watched it more times than we care to admit this week – make sure you put the sound on.

Happy April Fools Day… Here are some pranks if you need some inspiration. Thumbs up for the Nick Cage Google extension, and googly eyes make everything better…

Easter is coming if you can believe it… It calls for a lamb dish, so we’re testing this one out this weekend. If you ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ at a slow-cooked lamb shoulder, it’s super easy to cook – and this recipe is the most pared-back we’ve seen. Looks like a winner.

Friday Lites

Do the Squiz Quiz

Reckon you know what award comedian Chris Rock was presenting at the Oscars when he was smacked by Will Smith? Have a crack at the Squiz Quiz.

Squiz the Day

ABS Data Release – Lending Indicators, February

Start of World Autism Awareness Month

April Fool’s Day – you’ve got until noon…

Anniversary of:
• the ruins of Pompeii being rediscovered by Rocque Joaquin de Alcubierre (1748)
• US businessman Oliver Pollock creating the $ symbol (1778)
• Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founding Apple Computer (1976)
• the Netherlands becoming the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage (2001) and euthanasia (2002)

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