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Squiz Today – Friday, 11 November

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“President Putin’s program is still being worked out.”

Said an official from the Russian Embassy in Indonesia of their leader’s decision to not attend a gathering of leaders at the G20 Summit in Bali next week – and it’s TBC if he’ll do any sessions virtually. That opens up all sorts of options for the seating plan…

Chris Dawson nears his day of reckoning

Chris Dawson – the man found guilty of murdering his wife Lyn Dawson in 1982 – will be sentenced on 2 December. Yesterday, the couple’s eldest daughter Shanelle cried as she gave her victim impact statement… She begged her father, a former rugby league player and school teacher, to tell authorities where her mother’s body is so that the family could lay her to rest. She also accused him of putting her through more than 4 decades of “deceit, silence, trauma and gaslighting” and telling his daughters that Lyn walked out on the family. Reports say Kristen Dawson – the child Chris had with his second wife/former babysitter – wrote to the court in support of her father. 

Sure. There’s a whole backstory, but to quickly recap, Lyn’s disappearance from Sydney’s Northern Beaches in January 1982 has been one of Australia’s most high-profile missing person cases, and it surged back into the public consciousness after the true crime podcast The Teacher’s Pet put her case back on the agenda. In December 2018, police charged Dawson with murder after a fresh investigation. In a judge-only trial this year, he was convicted of killing Lyn so he could have a relationship with the family’s 16yo babysitter, known as JC, who was one of his students and whom he later married. Dawson’s lawyers flagged plans to appeal and say that he’s faced “constant threats” in jail and that he’s suffering from a brain injury he sustained during his football career. 

That question will be answered in December, but prosecutor Craig Everson says a life sentence would be appropriate by 1982 and 2022 standards. He added that Dawson’s planning of the murder, continuing concealment of Lyn’s body and lack of remorse are all aggravating factors – meaning the offences had been deliberately and systemically carried out. The case has also prompted ‘Lyn’s law’ in NSW, with the state government passing ‘no body, no parole’ legislation in September that denies murderers any chance of parole unless they disclose the location of their victim’s remains. Yesterday, NSW Supreme Court Justice Ian Harrison said he intends to reserve his decision on sentencing for 3 weeks to consider the submissions presented yesterday, including from Shanelle.

Australian News Crime

Squiz the Rest

Medibank hackers reveal more data and demands

The hackers behind the Medibank breach are continuing to release personal data from some of the 9.7 million affected customers and have provided more detail on their ransom demand. In another dark web post, they claimed the ransom Medibank refused to pay equated to US$1 for every affected customer, totalling A$15.09 million. It was accompanied by the release of 300 files, many of which were linked to pregnancy terminations. And overnight, the details of another 200 people who accessed services to treat alcohol-related issues were leaked. The company has asked the media and the public not to look for or publish the leaked data. While several industries have been affected by recent online security breaches, a new report shows the healthcare sector is the most frequently targeted. The number of people impacted is also rising as cyberattacks become a more common and widespread problem.

Australian News Business & Finance

COVID 4th wave arrives in Queensland

Queensland has raised its COVID advice level to amber, with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk warning that a 4th wave could be here. It means face masks are once again recommended for healthcare facilities, crowded indoor settings, on public transport – you know the drill… COVID hospitalisations have doubled there in the past week as NSW recorded a nearly 40% increase in cases. Queensland’s Chief Health Officer John Gerrard says a “soup of variants” is spreading, including Omicron off-shoots BQ.1 and XBB. Yesterday, officials from the Federal Health Department said a 5th dose of the COVID vaccine has not yet been recommended by the experts, but the arrival of antiviral drugs is an important development. Overall, the World Health Organisation has reported a 90% drop in coronavirus deaths since February. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says while this is “cause for optimism”, we must remain vigilant. 

Australian News Health

Still too close to call…

The counting continues in the US, with neither the Democrats nor the Republicans able to claim control of Congress in the midterm elections. Republicans are in the lead for the House of Representatives but by nowhere near the margin anticipated. And there’s an epic battle for control of the Senate that hinges on 3 key races. Arizona and Nevada are still in play, and in Georgia, there will be a runoff election on 6 December after neither incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock nor Republican challenger Herschel Walker (whose campaign is hella bumpy…) won more than 50% of the vote. To win the Senate, Republicans need to flip 2 of those 3 seats currently held by Democrats. And as former president Donald Trump is blamed by many Republicans for backing too many losing candidates, his supporters are urging him to delay the launch of his presidential run. This week, Trump said a “very big announcement” is coming next Tuesday… 

World News

Origin backs a hefty takeover bid

Australia’s 2nd largest power company Origin Energy has backed an $18.4 billion takeover bid from a consortium led by fund manager Brookfield. The Canadian multinational unsuccessfully tried to go in with Atlassian billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes for the ownership of energy giant AGL earlier this year. The consortium’s latest bid – its 3rd and largest offer after negotiations kicked off in August – was welcomed by investors, with Origin’s share price jumping more than 35%. Under the terms of the offer, Brookfield said it would help Origin become the country’s biggest green energy retailer by investing an extra $20 billion towards its clean energy transition plan. The company’s board is recommending shareholders accept the deal, but it must first jump through a few hurdles from the competition regulator and Foreign Investment Review Board. 

Australian News Business & Finance

Rock n rollin’ in cash

More than 1,500 pieces of music history are up for auction at the Hard Rock Café in New York. The big-ticket item is a guitar smashed on stage by Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain during the band’s first tour – it’s expected to fetch up to US$400,000. Cobain inscribed his duct-taped 1973 Fender Mustang with the much-quoted phrase: “If it’s illegal to Rock and Roll, then throw my bottom in jail”. Ok, he didn’t say bottom, but you catch his drift… Other items for sale include a pair of John Lennon’s iconic ‘granny glasses’ and pieces owned by Prince and Amy Winehouse. You can check out the entire catalogue here. And something for royal fans… The late Queen Elizabeth’s only driving licence has been purchased for $12,017. The military provisional licence was given to the then-princess in 1945 when she worked as a mechanic in the final year of WWII. Of course, she never needed another


Friday Lites – Three things we like this week

If you’ve seen stories of actress/producer/hair entrepreneur Jennifer Aniston talking about her fertility issues in the last couple of days, it started with this interview. We’re looking forward to hitting the ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks’ 50s… 

It’s Remembrance Day, and Netflix’s redo of the WWI story All Quiet On The Western Front is our recommendation to watch. We were a bit angsty about the update because the book and 1979 movie version stuck with us for years after reading/watching. But it’s well done – you just have to be in the right frame of mind for something heavy…  

An easy chocolate cake recipe? Yes, please. Sure, it’s an ad for an oven, but we made this last weekend because we were intrigued by the addition of ricotta, and it’s a very good/simple one to knock up with very little fuss. Note: the hundreds-and-thousands are mandatory… 

Friday Lites

Squiz the Day

6.30am (AEDT) – Women’s Rugby League World Cup Round 3 – Australia v New Zealand – England

11.00am – A minute’s silence for Remembrance Day marking the anniversary of the armistice which ended WWI, and in memory of the millions who have died in all wars and armed conflicts

Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen arrives in Egypt for the COP27 summit

Ribit. Start of FrogID Week (until 20 November)

Singles’ Day – China

A birthday for actor Leonardo DiCaprio (1974)

Anniversary of
• Ned Kelly being hanged at Melbourne Gaol (1880)
• the birthday of author Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821)
• the opening of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra (1941)
• the publication of Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22 (1962)
• PM Gough Whitlam being removed from office by Governor-General Sir John Kerr (1975)

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