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Squiz Today – Friday, 28 July

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“We wish this guest all the best with achieving his goals”

Said a Perisher Ski Resort spokesperson after a lost phone with an ‘embarrassing’ lock screen was reunited with its owner. The internet had a field day over the aspirational bullet points, so it’s a wonder the owner didn’t just cut his losses and buy a new phone…

Underworld crime out in the open

NSW Police have set up a special taskforce to deal with a spate of ‘brazen’ shootings in Sydney’s southwest over the past month. Five people have been shot in as many days – the latest victim is a man in his 20s who was killed outside his Canterbury home yesterday. That came hours after high-profile criminal lawyer Mahmoud Abbas was left with critical gunshot wounds in Greenacre in a targeted attack.

Authorities reckon the trouble stems from a drug trade turf war. Taskforce Magnus is going to dig into a “common link” between the series of shootings that started on 27 June after Sydney crime figure Alen Moradian (who was compared by his own wife to fictional Mafia boss Tony Soprano) was killed in a Bondi Junction car park. A couple of weeks after that, 2 more men were shot in a Marrickville hair salon before the violence escalated again this week. It’s been a tough nut for the cops to crack because reports say they’re getting a “wall of silence” from victims who aren’t particularly chatty for fear of incriminating themselves/getting into more trouble with the crime powers that be.

It used to be, but Sydney is giving it a good shake… Between 1998-2006, 27 underworld figures were murdered in Melbourne. That had a lot to do with the illegal drug trade (and you might remember that the whole saga got turned into a string of popular TV dramas…). While Sydney’s new taskforce is focusing on the last month of shootings, the violence that has been linked to outlawed bikie gangs has been escalating in the city for quite a while, with 18 people killed over the past 2.5 years. The latest murders have put pressure on the state government and police to address the issue with claims they’ve lost control of law and order in those parts of Sydney. Police Commissioner Karen Webb says she’ll deploy 70 detectives and 30 extra cops to the area to “end this brazen violence”. 

Australian News Crime

Squiz the Rest

A Tassie teen’s tragic turn

Three months ago, 14yo Shyanne-Lee Tatnell went missing in Launceston – it was 8.30pm and she was walking to meet a friend but never arrived. Originally from nearby Burnie, she’s had a falling out with her family and was living in youth accommodation. Police have been searching for her ever since and yesterday confirmed that they’d found human remains on a bush track near Nabowla, 50km north of Launnie. And yesterday, a 36yo man was arrested and charged with Tatnell’s murder. Commander Kate Chambers said the developments are “a really significant step forward in that journey towards finding answers”. In June, Tatnell’s grandmother Michelle Hubbard said they were a “totally broken family – we’re lost without her.” Yesterday, Tassie Premier Jeremy Rockliff said she was a “young soul, taken from us far, far too early.”

Australian News Crime

A big day in the courts

TIM MATHIESON TO PLEAD GUILTY – Former PM Julia Gillard’s ex Tim Mathieson will plead guilty to a charge of sexual assault against a woman from March 2022. The formal charge sheet says he’s admitted to “sucking her nipple without her consent”. The case returns to court at the end of August.

KEVIN SPACEY FOUND NOT GUILTY – The Oscar-winning actor was emotional after a UK court cleared him of 9 sexual offences relating to 4 men. The 64yo had denied the allegations and said his win was ​​”a lot for me to process”.

HUNTER BIDEN PLEA DEAL CRUMBLES – The son of US President Joe Biden was meant to plead guilty to 2 minor tax charges in exchange for avoiding jail time on a gun possession charge. But that deal fell apart yesterday after the judge knocked it back and gave them 14 days to renegotiate. The case marks the first time the justice department has charged the child of a sitting president.

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The big American cheese head Down Under

It’s AUSMIN time… If that diplomatic acronym isn’t enough to whet your appetite –  what if we told you it’s the forum for our Foreign and Defence ministers to talk serious turkey with their US counterparts? Anyhoo… This year there’s plenty to crack on with: the AUKUS nuclear subs deal needs a lot more ironing out (paywall), and China’s creeping influence in the Pacific is also a super hot topic. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stopped off in Tonga and New Zealand en route to Brisvegas, while Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been pressing the flesh in Papua New Guinea. The key readout? The US and Oz don’t want other Pacific nations doing security deals like the one the Solomon Islands recently inked with Beijing. And if we’re lucky, we might also get some deets on PM Anthony Albanese’s trip to Washington later in the year…


More bad luck for the Matildas

It’s hard to think of a more thrilling/devastating game… Our Matildas put up a good fight, but their chances of proceeding to the Round of 16 are narrower after losing 3-2 to Nigeria last night. The Super Falcons are ranked 40th in the world but came out on top in Brisbane, with the Aussies missing our most dangerous players, including Sam Kerr, Mary Fowler and Kyah Simon, who were on the sidelines with injuries. The Matildas now face Canada in Melbourne on Monday night, and the stakes are high… A win against the tournament’s 7th-ranked team would guarantee a spot in the next round, but a draw (and a good dose of luck) could also get them there. Here’s hoping our injured women are declared fit enough to return to the pitch – fingers, toes, legs, eyes crossed…

Australian News Sport

Jobs for the (lazy) girls

A couple of weeks ago, we brought your attention to the joys of ‘girl dinner’, and now there’s another gendered TikTok trend to get across: ‘lazy-girl job’, and it’s the antithesis of the ‘girl boss’… TikToker Gabrielle Judge coined the term to describe a low-stress, fully remote job with a comfortable salary. For example, another TikTok user said all she does in her job is “copy and paste the same emails, take 3-4 calls a day, take my extra-long break, take more breaks AND get a nice salary”. The idea has struck a particular chord among burned-out working women – but Judge said it’s actually about changing views about what makes an ideal career in the Great Resignation era. Critics say the trend promotes a bad attitude in the workplace – but at least it’s a more positive development than China’s epidemic of ‘full-time children’

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Friday Lites – Three things we liked this week

We are not crossword people. In fact, we’ve never played a game of Scrabble. Weird, right? But we’re really enjoying the New York Times’ Mini. It’s you against the clock – our record is 27 seconds… If you Wordle, you’re in. If not, sign up for a free account and enjoy one game a day.

We really enjoyed the new season of The Bear. It’s a different speed to the first season and its anxiety-inducing tempo, but it still brings the drama – and the Carmy… Five stars on Disney+, Margaret.

Pumpkin’s one of our favourite things to roast. This weekend, this fancy version with yoghurt and pinenuts is on the menu – we’ll have it with some BBQ’d chops or grilled salmon. It’s that side dish that makes you look tres gourmet without the fluffin’ about…

Friday Lites

Squiz the Day

2.00pm (AEST) – Commonwealth Games Australia CEO, Craig Phillip, holds a press conference – Sydney

7.00pm (AEST) – Netball World Cup – Australia v Zimbabwe – Cape Town

7.45pm (AEST) – Women’s Cricket – 3rd ODI – Australia v Ireland – Dublin

Independence Day in Peru

Statehood Day in Ukraine

AUSMIN talks begin in Brissie (until 29 July)

ABS Data Release – Retail Trade, June; Producer Price Indexes, June

World Hepatitis Day

Strive to be Kind Day (in memory of Allison Baden-Clay)

Schools Tree Day

Birthdays for Garfield creator Jim Davis (1945) and Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn (1952)

Anniversary of:
• the birthdays of author Beatrix Potter (1866) and former FLOTUS Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (1929)
• the invention of the hamburger in Connecticut (1900)
• the beginning of WWI, after Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia (1914)
• the release of Walt Disney’s Alice In Wonderland (1951)
• the Provisional Irish Republican Army calling an end to their 30-year armed campaign in Northern Ireland (2005)

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