Squiz Today / 08 June 2018

Squiz Today – Friday, 8 June


"I actually prefer to keep the flute upright and see the delicate white foam of the champagne form rather than minimise it.”

Moët & Chandon's head winemaker Benoît Gouez says there’s a right way to pour champagne. Wouldn’t it be sad if it took a lot of practice to get it right?


Seven of the world’s wealthiest economies are meeting today and tomorrow in Canada for the highly anticipated G7 summit. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is hosting leaders from the US, Italy, France, Germany, the UK and Japan. It will be the first time many leaders have seen US President Donald Trump since he unleashed international anger by implementing trade tariffs. And reports say Trump is not for backing down.

Got it. We’ll keep it tight. The joke among the diplomatic set is the summit should be called G6 + 1 rather than G7 because of Trump’s separation from the group on matters of trade and international cooperation. Hilarious! Trade will be a key point of focus, and particularly America’s tariffs on steel and aluminium imposed on Canada, Mexico and the European Union last week.

Three quick things:

• It’s hoped that leaders also discuss measures to prevent foreign interference in democratic elections. They’re pointing at you, Russia.

• French President Emmanuel Macron was ‘Turnbulled’ by Trump earlier this week. And by that we mean the two had a testy phone call. Afterwards, Macron likened the process to making sausages – it's best not to know what goes into the finished product.

• It’ll be the first time Trump has been over the northern border to visit Canada since becoming president. It’s unusual that it’s taken so long. #americafirst


Backpacker Joohee Han was found dehydrated but well after spending six nights lost in the bush of Mount Tyson in Far North Queensland. She told rescuers she fell, had knocked herself out and was unable to get her bearings after coming to. She then became stuck in a ravine without any food. Fellow traveller Craig Strathie (10 points for guessing where he's from…) said her survival was incredible. "Honestly, she's about this high… and for that wee lassie… she actually waved them down apparently.” Police said finding her alive was a miracle.

The death toll from the Fuego volcano in Guatemala is now at 99 people, with many more listed as missing. Shock is now turning into anger with calls for those in charge of emergency services to step down after allegedly failing to heed advance warnings. The pictures are incredible.

Meanwhile, on Hawaii’s Big Island, the Kilauea volcano is showing no signs of letting up. An entire oceanfront housing development, delightfully named Vacationland, has been swallowed by lava. But if you’d prefer it in pictures, have a look here.

For some quick maintenance on stories we’ve recently covered.

FOREIGN INTERFERENCE LAWS RECOMMENDED BY SECURITY COMMITTEE – That means the major parties have come together to agree on laws aimed at keeping our elections free of tampering and our national institutions free from foreign influence. The goal now is for the parliament to pass the legislation by the end of the month.

ANDY SPADE TALKS – After intense pressure and speculation about the state of their marriage, Andy Spade yesterday said his wife Kate's death came as a shock.

BRISBANE POO-RUNNER NAMED AND SHAMED – And the bloke’s resigned from his senior job with the retirement mob Aveo Group. We hate a pile on so we won’t humiliate the bloke any further, but the whole confounding story is here.

New boss, new direction. After a few months to settle into the big chair, boss Rob Scott has already made some big calls. Wesfarmers is going to demerge Coles, and it has abandoned plans (and +$1.7 billion of shareholders’ money) of taking Bunnings to the UK. Yesterday at its annual investor day, Wesfarmers unveiled plans to downsize Target and grow Kmart and Officeworks. Interesting days ahead for Australia’s biggest private employer.

The Queer Eye boys were in Yass, NSW yesterday. They’re the fab five who have revamped the former series from the early 2000s for Netflix. If that means nothing to you, a bit of an explainer is here. And their meeting with the mayor is here.

This week marked the 20-year anniversary of Sex and the City. Because you needed another reason to feel old… Here 15 writers talk about moments from the show that have stuck with them.

Thinking you might put your Netflix to good use this weekend? Here’s a movie guide that might make the choices a little less overwhelming.

And it’s a long weekend so something to cook – yes? How does a chicken, white wine and mushroom braise sound? Yep, thought so. Last time we did this one we paired it with some mash and some shredded Brussels sprouts softened on a medium-high heat in a frypan with a little butter. Yum scrum.



G7 Leaders meeting (on until Saturday) - Charlevoix, Quebec

World Oceans Day


11.00pm (AEST) - Tennis - French Open Women's Final - Simona Halep v Sloane Stephens

Greek Glenti, Darwin (on until Sunday)

Anniversary of the Ghost Train fire at Luna Park Sydney that killed seven (1979)


1.30am (AEST) - Soccer Friendly - Australia v Hungary

11.00pm (AEST) - Tennis - French Open Men's Final - players tbc

Portugal Day


Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday (all states except WA and QLD)

International Men's Health Week

Captain James Cook discovers Great Barrier Reef off Australia (1770)

As you can probably tell, we're taking the Queen's Birthday long weekend. Monday sleep-in here we come... See you next Tuesday!

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