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“Hear me out…”

Tweeted one Twitter wag who reckons Kath Day Knight from Fountain Lakes should be the new face on our $5 note – and has even mocked up an example. It would be noice/different/unusual…

The Queen is dead, long live the King

King Charles III has been proclaimed the new monarch of “Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of his other realms and territories” in an ancient ceremony that was televised for the first time from St James’s Palace in London on Saturday. Squaring away the formalities, his wife Camilla became the Queen Consort and his son William and his wife Kate are now the Prince and Princess of Wales. It all took a bit of wrangling, but the King has signed on the line. He spoke before the ceremony, telling his subjects that he would be King for the rest of his life. And he paid tribute to his mother Queen Elizabeth for her “dedication and devotion as Sovereign never wavered”.

Overnight, her coffin was taken from Balmoral in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to the capital Edinburgh. Thousands of people came out to pay their respects, lining the streets to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, where the coffin will rest. Then on Monday local time, King Charles and the Queen Consort will travel to Edinburgh and accompany the Queen’s coffin to St Giles’ Cathedral. The royal family will gather for a service, and members of the public can view her coffin over the following 24 hours – then it’s off to London. But before heading north, King Charles has commitments, like meeting with the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth and the 14 High Commissioners from the countries of which he is head of state, including ours. And while in Scotland, he will see Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and attend the Scottish Parliament. This new king business comes with a lot of meetings…

The King has more meetings, and Queen Elizabeth’s coffin has more processions/lying in state. The day-by-day breakdown shows a busy program between now and the funeral on Monday next week. Just on that, Queen Elizabeth’s send-off will take place at Westminster Abbey – the historic church where kings and queens are crowned, including her own coronation in 1953. There hasn’t been a reigning monarch’s funeral service there since King George II’s in 1760, and the break with tradition is said to be her call. She thought a large public place was more appropriate than St George’s Chapel within the grounds of Windsor Castle. In the meantime, her death has brought fractured brothers William and Harry and their wives together. That’s something that could not be achieved in the last couple of years of Queen Elizabeth’s life…

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Oz has a new King, too…

Governor-General David Hurley made the official proclamation yesterday. Unlike appointments in the recent past, there was no keeping this one secret with hundreds of people coming to Parliament House in Canberra to watch the formal ceremony as state proclamation ceremonies also took place across the country. Hurley and PM Anthony Albanese will spend a bit of time together in the coming week as they travel to London to meet King Charles and attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Meanwhile, Federal Parliament has been cancelled this week and on Thursday, 22 September, we’re getting a public holiday as a National Day of Mourning for the Queen. That’s good timing for Victorians who get a 4-day long weekend… Plenty of Aussies have had a lot to say about the Queen: our picks are tributes from former PM Paul Keating and this one from Sam Cohen, who worked for her from 2007-2018.

Australian News

Ukraine hopeful after Russian retreat

Russian soldiers have retreated from several key towns in eastern Ukraine’s Kharkiv region. The counteroffensive marks one of the biggest successes for Ukraine since the war began, including the retaking of the city of Izyum, which has been a logistical base for Russian forces. Russian officials say the withdrawal was strategic so they could “regroup”, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says his troops have reclaimed more than 3,000 sq km of territory from Russia. “It’s a good decision for them to run,” he said yesterday. Several security insiders believe the tide may be turning against Russia – including William Burns, the head of America’s Central Intelligence Agency, who says Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine can now be judged as a failure.

World News

A call to help flood-ravaged Pakistan

United Nations boss António Guterres has called for ‘massive financial support’ after visiting flood-ravaged Pakistan, where at least 1,400 people have died and 33 million others have had their lives turned upside down by the disaster. The UN Secretary-General has travelled around several of the worst affected areas to raise international awareness. And he’s strongly criticised the lack of global attention on climate change, saying that it’s “insanity” and “collective suicide”. Pakistani officials estimate the damage at over $40 billion after record monsoon rains and ‘eruptions’ of meltwater from dozens of the country’s 7,000+ glaciers caused catastrophic flooding that swept away thousands of homes, roads, railways, livestock and crops.

World News

Clive Palmer’s political party deregistered… again

Mining billionaire Clive Palmer has voluntarily deregistered his United Australia Party (UAP) with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). He says it’s to save money, but critics have noted that the AEC does not charge for ongoing registration… One key stakeholder Palmer didn’t tell was UAP Senator Ralph Babet, who seemed unaware of the move. Babet says it’s not the end for the UAP, but experts are divided on whether Palmer’s “$100 million man” (the nickname used for Babet as the party’s sole elected member after Palmer’s costly election campaign) can continue to represent a deregistered party. If Palmer decides to go again at the next election, he will have to pick a new party name. He’s done that once before after deregistering the Palmer United Party after the 2017 election.


Stephanie Gilmore is a surfing GOAT

Aussie surfing legend Stephanie Gilmore has claimed a record-breaking 8th world title, making her the undisputed GOAT of women’s surfing. Gilmore surpassed fellow Aussie Layne Beachley’s record of 7 world titles after winning 5 straight heats at the Rip Curl World Surf League Championship in California to defeat reigning world champion Carissa Moore. The 2 women have mutual respect for one another with Gilmore praising Moore’s performance. “I’m so honoured to surf against her in this final. And… oh my goodness, I’m so dead,” the Aussie said.Gilmore is now hot on the heels of men’s surfing GOAT Kelly Slater, who holds 11 world titles.

And while we’re talking sport… Poland’s world #1 Iga Świątek won the US Open women’s singles title in straight sets over Tunisian Ons Jabour yesterday morning. And there was a win for Australia’s mixed doubles combo of Storm Sanders and John Peers. From 6am this morning our time, Norway’s Casper Rudd is playing 19yo Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz in the men’s singles finals.


Apropos of Nothing

In the coming days, we’ll see the female members of the royal family dressed in black and wearing pearls. The jewellery is symbolic of tears and became a tradition in the 1800s when Queen Victoria wore the ensemble for 40 years after the death of her husband Albert.

If, like us, one of your first thoughts after you heard of Queen Elizabeth’s death was “what’s going to happen to her dogs?” – never fear. Known to have a “moving carpet” of pups, she died owning 2 young corgies and an elderly dorgie. And this morning, it’s been confirmed they will be cared for by Prince Andrew and Fergie.

And for something to click through – here are the Queen’s official portraits over the years. Happily, it includes our fave of her with the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret wearing smashing 80’s matching blue satin blouses. Shine on…

Quirky News

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A 2-week inquest into the disappearance of Sydney con woman Melissa Caddick begins

International Crochet Day

Birthdays for author Michael Ondaatje (1943) and composer Hans Zimmer (1957)

Anniversary of:
• the marriage of John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier (1953)
• the premiere of The Smurfs (1981)
• the collapse of Ansett Australia (2001)
• the disappearance of 3yo William Tyrrell from Kendall, NSW (2014)

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