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“He’s the doll that everyone wants in their collection.”

Said collector Lynda Wake of the rush for vintage dolls from the Barbie range in the wake of the mega movie. She says the one that’s highly sought after is Allan, who was marketed as ‘Ken’s buddy’ – Wake says collectors have long speculated about the relationship…

Oh what a night…


Sure, it’s been a day and a half since the Matildas beat France in an epic 20-penalty shootout to make the semi-finals of the Women’s World Cup, but the thrill hasn’t worn off. That buzz you can hear is nationwide delight as the team progressed beyond the quarter-final stage of the mega tournament for the first time ever. As coach Tony Gustavsson (who surely qualifies for honourary citizenship…) said, Australia is “so freaking proud of this team”


OK, deep breaths… Probably the first thing to note is that Aussies have bought into the Matildas big time, taking women’s sport to a new high water mark. Actually, scrap that – taking sports viewership to a new level. Saturday night’s game was one of the most-viewed TV events in 2 decades, with an average audience of 4.17 million, and that doesn’t factor in the huge numbers watching it at pubs, the live sites, and on planes. From the MCG, para-tennis great Dylan Alcott said it was “the closest I’ve ever been to standing up”… The only event to have beaten it when it comes to a TV audience is Cathy Freeman’s gold medal run at the Sydney Olympics – that’s how much of a unifying moment the game was. The other thing is we now know a lot more about the team than superstar/excellent jersey-giver Sam Kerr. To mention 2 – Mackenzie Arnold and Cortnee Vine are now etched in our minds…


…an opportunity for Australia to deepen our already fierce sporting rivalry with England. The Lionesses beat Colombia on Saturday night 2-1 in regular time. They came from behind to win, but it was a less dramatic/shorter game than the Matildas played, and some commentators say that’s in their favour as we head towards the semi on Wednesday night in Sydney. If it helps, French President Emmanuel Macron is cheering the Matildas on too… As for the rest of the field, there are only 2 other teams to clock – Spain and Sweden are also through – they play off tomorrow night for a spot in Sunday’s final. Bring. It. On…

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Squiz the Rest

Maui’s fires set a grim record

As of this morning, 93 people have died, making it the deadliest US wildfire in over 100 years – and officials say the death toll is likely to rise as they get into the areas that have suffered the worst damage. Adding another dark page to the record books, Hawaii Governor Josh Green says the fires will “certainly be the worst natural disaster Hawaii has ever faced”. More than 2,000 buildings have been lost, including in the razed town of Lahaina, where sniffer dogs have been brought in to help locate bodies. US officials estimated the cost of Lahania’s rebuild at US$5.5 billion (A$8.46 billion). With Maui’s fires now largely under control, locals are asking questions about why none of the island’s 80 outdoor alarms were activated. The search for bodies is expected to last several days.

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Speakman speaks up for the Voice

NSW’s Coalition leader Mark Speakman says he’ll vote ‘yes’ in the upcoming referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, putting him at odds with the federal Liberals. Speakman – a former state Attorney-General – says it’s “a purely advisory body”, and “the potential rewards outweigh the potential risks.” “I don’t agree with him on this issue,” was deputy federal Liberal leader Sussan Ley’s response… Speakman joins Tassie Premier Jeremy Rockcliff and ACT leader Elizabeth Lee as senior Libs who support the proposed constitutional change. On the other side of the ledger is the Nationals’ federal leader David Littleproud – he says his party won’t support the Liberals’ proposal for local Voices. The context here is that Coalition leader Peter Dutton says the Voice shouldn’t be enshrined in the constitution, but local Voices could be set up via legislation. That would be hard to do without the Nats… 

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Investigations galore…

There’s been another twist in the already twisty case of Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden. Biden Jr’s legal troubles were set to conclude last month with a plea deal over tax misdemeanours and a charge for buying a gun while also using drugs, but the judge nixed the deal, leaving him to plead not guilty and lawyers scratching their heads about what’s next. Now the US Justice Department has appointed David Weiss as a special counsel, which means an investigation into the President’s son is ramping up and is set to roll into Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign… Republican hopeful Donald Trump has been trying to pass off Hunter’s alleged law-breaking as equivalent to the 3 criminal cases he’s facing. And while we’re on Trump’s legal challenges, reports say the state of Georgia is looking closely at election interference charges this week. Yikes…

There’s a lot going on with that… Get the background to Hunter Biden and Donald Trump’s legal woes with Squiz Shortcuts.

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Hip-hop hooray

Mic drop… 50 years ago this week, at a Bronx block party, DJ Kool Herc began scratching records for live performers to rap to, and the rest is history. Hip-hop is now the biggest musical genre in the world and has been called “a socioeconomic and political miracle” that’s “too vast to be contained under one tent, or limited to one narrative”. If that’s all a bit hard to wrangle, this educational breakdown of what hip-hop is all about is, well, educational… And if you’re after a playlist or some throwbacks, we reckon the New York Times’ collection of 50 reflections from 50 influential voices has got you covered… Or you could keep it trill with UTOPIA from Travis Scott, the current #1 album on Billboard’s charts. Dozens of rappers made it back to New York’s Bronx borough this weekend for a blowout concert in Yankee Stadium featuring RUN DMC, Nas, Lil Wayne, and Cam’ron. Happy listening… 

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Jorts = denims shorts, but longer…

Faster than you can say pedal-pusher, say goodbye to Daisy Dukes because jorts are all the rage, according to trendwatchers. After a couple of seasons of short denim shorts, women’s thighs are being covered up this summer thanks to celebrities strutting their stuff in knee-grazing styles. That’s led retailers in the UK to report a surge in sales – including for versions from premium designers Mother Denim and Agolde that go for more than $400. Imagine how much they’d cost with the lower leg bit attached… And depending on your view of this sartorial development, men have it significantly better/worse. High-end designers are sending jorts their way, too – only blokes get to wear them with white socks and Timberland boots… For the second time today, yikes… 


Apropos of nothing

Want some more musical history? The Angels returned to Mount Isa over the weekend, where the famously sweary response to their song Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again was born back in ’83. It’s too rude/takes too many asterisks to repeat…

If you stroll the beaches south of Port Macquarie, you might already know about Gary Angel and his pet goat Benji who likes the water and his fruit toast snack from the pet-friendly cafe. And why wouldn’t he?

The Text With Jesus app allows users to message with an AI version of the Lord’s son – and not just Him… For $2.99 a month, you can unlock other biblical faves like Mary Magdalene. The miracle of technology, eh.

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7.45pm (AEST) – Men’s Basketball – FIBA World Cup warm up – Australia v Brazil – Melbourne

Independence Day in Pakistan

Company Results – Lendlease Group; Bendigo and Adelaide Bank; Aurizon Holdings; Ansell Limited; JB Hi-Fi

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Birthdays for David Crosby (1941), Steve Martin (1945), Danielle Steel (1947), Gary Larson (1950), Magic Johnson (1959), Kieren Perkins (1973), Kate Richie (1978) and Mila Kunis (1983)

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