Squiz Today / 14 May 2018

Squiz Today – Monday, 14 May


“I'd keep on going if they'd let me.”

Said James Harrison, an 81yo who’s completed 60 years of making almost weekly plasma donations. He has a rare antibody that has been used in a treatment to protect an estimated 2.4 million babies. Give that man a lifetime supply of Red Cross cookies…


Islamic State has claimed responsibility for two terror attacks in Indonesia and France on the weekend. Some experts said the escalation of violence could be linked to the commencement of Ramadan on Tuesday evening. The theory is that while the month itself is usually a sacred and peaceful time, there have been examples in recent years of extremist violence ramping up in the days before Ramadan starts.

Thirteen people died and dozens were injured when suicide bombers from the one family targeted Sunday Mass services at three churches in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city. Reports say a mother and her two daughters (one was just 9yo) targeted one church, while the father and two sons targeted two other churches.

Paris was the scene of another deadly attack, this time in the neighbourhood near Paris Opera on Saturday night. A knife-wielding man attacked five people, killing one and seriously injuring two. The attacker, aged in his early 20s, was shot and killed by quick acting police. He was on a police anti-terror watch list of people suspected of having radicalised views. “France has once again paid in blood, but will not give an inch to the enemies of freedom," tweeted President Emmanuel Macron.


Beware politicians brandishing Budget talking points – they’ll be everywhere this week. Three things to note:

• The first signs of how it’s gone down with voters landed this morning – and it’s good news for the Coalition. The Australian’s Newspoll says last week’s Budget was the best received in a decade. And while still trailing Labor 49:51 on a two-party preferred basis, PM Malcolm Turnbull’s rating as better PM was up 8 points to lead Labor leader Bill Shorten 46:32. Fairfax Media’s Ipsos poll also shows the Budget was well received but has the Coalition going backwards on the two-party preferred measure to 46:54.

• Turnbull and Shorten will be taking their messages to pubs, RSLs and community forums across Australia this week. Who knows, they might even meet a real voter if one sneaks into one of the tightly stage-managed events.

• One person who could be forgiven for losing motivation for the hard sell this week is Turnbull frontbencher Jane Prentice. The Gold Coast MP lost her preselection to stand at the next election, sparking fresh criticism of the Coalition's relatively low numbers of female MPs.

Police have confirmed they are not looking for anyone in connection with the deaths of seven people on a property outside Western Australia's Margaret River on Friday. It was the deadliest mass shooting the country’s seen since 1996’s Port Arthur massacre. Reports have speculated that Peter Miles, the grandfather, father and husband of those killed, called police at 5.15am before killing himself. Aaron Cockman, father of the four children and estranged husband of Katrina Miles, spoke to the media yesterday and had some sad things to say about the loss of his family.

More history is set to be made in Malaysia following last week’s election that delivered 92yo former PM Mahathir Mohamad government once more. Mahathir’s former deputy (then foe, now ally) Anwar Ibrahim is set to be released from his second stint in prison tomorrow, according to his daughter. It was Mahathir who put Ibrahim in prison the first time so that it would be quite a turnaround. Meanwhile, former PM Najib Razak was prevented from leaving Malaysia on Saturday. Razak said he was trying to take a short holiday with his wife, but he was suspected of attempting to flee possible corruption charges.

Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims says Coles Express petrol stations pump the most expensive fuel in the country. BP and Caltex were also found to be pricier than average. But independent stations including 7-Eleven and United generally offer below average prices, according to the ACCC report released yesterday. And price-sensitive drivers need to buckle themselves in – price hikes are on the way. US President Donald Trump's argument with Iran over all things nuclear has already seen oil prices rise, and pundits say further instability could see +20c/litre added to the cost of fuel over the coming months.

RED CARPET PROTEST – Cate Blanchett has led a red carpet 'protest' of 82 female movers and shakers at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. The group was highlighting gender inequality in the industry.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE TO STAY – With the US TV studios currently confirming their upcoming lineup, fans of the quirky police comedy were devastated when Fox announced it would can the show after five seasons. NBC heard the social media emergency call and came to the rescue. A list of shows that will end is here.

CHICKEN SONG WINS EUROVISION – Our Jessica Mauboy sang her heart out but still only managed to finish 20th out of 26 nations. In the end, it was Israel’s Netta who won the night with Toy, a song inspired by the #metoo movement. Complete with chicken clucking, of course...


ABS Data Release - Livestock Products, March

First daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law/senior adviser Jared Kushner to open America's new embassy in Jerusalem, Israel

70th anniversary of the proclamation of the independent state of Israel as British rule in Palestine came to an end

20th anniversary of the last episode of Seinfeld going to air (1998)

National Prevention of Prescription Medication Dependence Week

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