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Squiz Today – Monday, 16 April



That's what Californian music festival Coachella has been renamed overnight after Beyoncé's highly anticipated performance. Destiny's Child was also reunited. Mic drop.


The US, UK and France launched airstrikes on three Syrian military targets on Saturday morning (Oz time) in retaliation against the Assad government’s chemical attack on the town of Douma a week ago which killed more than 70 civilians. Satellite images show extensive damage to what the US said were facilities used in the manufacture of chemical weapons. Russia was said to be angry, but reports said Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad was in a “good mood” after the attacks.

Yes. But to bring you completely up to speed:

The US said it had proof Syrian forces carried out the chemical attack in Douma. Reports say it was important to the White House and US military decision makers to have that evidence before committing to the retaliatory airstrike.

• US President Donald Trump Twitter-declared it “mission accomplished” following the largest military attack he has ordered in his time in the top job. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley took a different tack saying the US is “locked and loaded” to strike if Assad uses chemical weapons again.

• Russia yesterday called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to condemn the US/UK/French airstrikes (claiming the chemical attack on Douma was “staged”), but it was voted down.

Talk is now focused on what happens if the West launches more airstrikes but the UK says none are planned.

No. But PM Malcolm Turnbull yesterday said that Australia was supportive of the joint action. And he had a go at Russia for not stepping up. "It is time that Russia played a responsible role. It has all of the influence and authority over the Syrian government that it needs to ensure that these crimes are not committed," he said. The issue will likely be on the agenda when Turnbull meets UK PM Theresa May this week at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London.


Hot and windy conditions made for a nightmare weekend across the Emerald City’s outer suburbs. More than 500 firefighters and 15 water-bombing aircraft were deployed to protect properties across a wide area south-west of Sydney with almost 2,500 hectares burned. Despite the efforts, reports say some homes have been "impacted" in Menai and Barden Ridge. Luckily, this little bear will be ok. The alert was dropped to ‘watch and act’ last night as winds started to ease. An investigation into the fire's cause has been launched and an appeal made for witnesses of anything suspicious.

Brisbane Police yesterday confirmed mother of three Natasha Schofield deliberately propelled herself overboard from the P&O Pacific Dawn near New Caledonia on Thursday afternoon, and that her husband tried to save her. The couple were travelling with their three kids aged between 12 and 16yo - none of whom witnessed the incident. A P&O spokesman said; "we will be able to give police CCTV footage providing an unobstructed view of what happened and portraying an obviously devoted and loving couple.” How terribly sad.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership has more twists and turns than a gripping episode of Midsomer Murders. No really, it's that interesting. The mega-trade deal championed by Australia was signed by 10 other nations in March after the US abandoned it following Trump’s election. But with America’s trade with China hitting a troubled patch, Trump said he could be up for rejoining it. Critics said why not just avoid a trade war with China. Simples. Australia's Trade Minister Steve Ciobo yesterday said that he wouldn’t be keen for a big reworking of the deal to accommodate the US. America’s trade settings are a bit up in the air ATM – its deal with Mexico and Canada, known as NAFTA, is also under review.

Channel Seven and Foxtel have paid nearly $1.2 billion for the rights to broadcast Australian cricket for the next six years. The deal close to doubles the previous rights deal. Nine has been synonymous with the cricket for 40 years, but if you want to watch the men’s Test cricket or Big Bash, you'll need to switch to Seven. Men's One Day and T20 Internationals will be on Foxtel (which more than 70% of Aussies don’t have). All the women’s International and Big Bash matches will air on Seven and Foxtel. There are still some regulatory questions to answer. The new broadcasters will be banking on Aussie fans sticking with the game despite its recent ball-tampering troubles.

The short story – we won with a total of 198 medals, well clear of second-place England with its 136 medals. Yay!

The long(er) story – Like Scottish marathon runner Callum Hawkins, the Games ran out of steam last night with a closing ceremony that has attracted plenty of criticism.

• Kurt Fearnley closed out his athletics career as our flag-bearer – not that those at home saw it with Seven airing the 159th episode of the current series of My Kitchen Rules instead of the athletes' march.

• But Seven’s commentators said the decision to exclude it was made by the organising committee. And they were not happy about it.

• A half-empty stadium and low athlete participation were also noted.

It was also a tough day for some of our female teams - the Hockeyroos and Rugby Sevens were beaten by the Kiwis, and heartbreakingly, the Diamonds lost the netball on the buzzer to England. Bye bye, Borobi. It seems we hardly knew you.


12.30pm (AEST) - Former FBI Director James Comey's interview with (US) ABC News' George Stephanopoulos airs. US President Donald Trump isn't taking it well...

ABS Data Release - Lending Finance, February

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting - London (on until 20 April)

Queen's Birthday - Denmark

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