Squiz Today / 02 September 2019

Squiz Today – Monday, 2 September


"It's the first time ever in a dressing room I have heard somebody of significance say 'What's the score in the netball?'"

Said veteran NRL journo Roy Masters on ABC TV’s Offsiders of overhearing Melbourne Storm CEO Dave Donaghy's mid-footy match enquiry about the Sunshine Coast Lightning v NSW Swifts game on Saturday arvo. Why the interest? The Storm is joint owners of the Lightning, and no doubt to Donaghy's delight, they went through to the grand final where they’ll defend their title on 15 September in Brissie.


Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has been urged to intervene to stop the deportation of a Sri Lankan Tamil family. Former Deputy PM Barnaby Joyceand Sydney radio host Alan Jones made unlikely allies with Labor and the Greens calling for the family of four to be allowed to remain in Australia. But so far Dutton has not been for turning saying they have been found "all the way to the High Court" not to be owed protection by Australia.

In three parts:

• Nades and Priya came to Australia separately by boat in 2012 and 2013 following Sri Lanka’s civil war. They had their children - Kopika (4yo) and Tharunicaa (2yo) - in Australia. The family lived for four years in Biloela in Central Queensland – a community that has vocally supported the family’s efforts to remain here. However, the family’s temporary bridging visa ran out in March 2018, and they have been in detention ever since.

• There were dramatic scenes in the early hours of Friday morning when Border Force officers’ efforts to deport them were stopped by last-minute legal manoeuvring. Now in detention on Christmas Island, the family’s matter is due to return to court next Wednesday when pundits say it’s unlikely a different legal outcome will be reached.

• Meanwhile, The Australian this morning reports (paywall) that there is a “surge of people-smuggling activity from Sri Lanka” with the interception of the sixth vessel since May.

While on the subject of finding a place to call home… India is moving forward with its plan to strip residents of the north-eastern state of Assam of their citizenship if they can’t provide evidence they arrived before 24 March 1971. A final list has been published which effectively renders about 1.9 million people stateless. Those who didn’t make the cut have 120 days to appeal. What’s so special about that date in 1971? It’s the day Bangladesh separated from Pakistan and became an independent state prompting a flood of refugees into neighbouring India. Critics say the exercise is about the Indian government cracking down on ethnic minorities.



Like a plane lining up a runway, Hurricane Dorian is inflicting 'catastrophic' wind and storm surges in the Bahamas. With winds approaching 300km/hour, the Category 5 intensity storm has hit the Abaco Islands and is moving at walking pace towards Grand Bahama, the northernmost island of the Bahamas. Preparations are being made in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas for Dorian's expected mid-week appearance off the coast, but at this stage, it's not expected to make landfall in the US. Weather watchers say Dorian is the region’s strongest hurricane according to modern record.


A gunman shooting from his pickup truck and later a stolen mail truck killed seven people and injured 21 in West Texas on Saturday afternoon. The unnamed shooter started his rampage after an attempted traffic stop by troopers. One of the injured victims was a 17-month-old girl who is said to be in a satisfactory condition in hospital. The man was killed by police. It was a dreadful way to end August - 38 mass shootings (recording deaths of three or more people) claimed more than 50 lives during the month in the US.


Another weekend, more violent scenes… But reports yesterday said the unrest on the streets on Saturday night was unprecedented. 'Radical' demonstrators have been accused of throwing petrol bombs and setting barricades on fire. That led to elite police chasing suspects onto trainswhere they were clubbed with batons and pepper-sprayed. Authorities also fired water cannons with blue dye to mark and disperse protesters. Last night, train services to the airport were suspended after thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators headed there to continue their campaign of disruption. And there are calls for widespread strikes today, so there’ll be more to come.


THAT WE HAVE SOME ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES - The Federal Government’s latest climate emissions report shows they’re still on the climb. And the long-term outlook for the Great Barrier Reef has been downgraded from “poor” to "very poor" given climate change and local environmental factors like runoff from farms. Morrison Government ministers say they’re onto it…

THAT THREATS LIFT IMMUNISATION RATES - In fact, an additional 174,000 children were immunised over the last year in response to the government's 'no jab, no pay' policy.

AND THAT EVEN THE MIGHTY GET STUNG… - Co-founder and chief executive of Twitter Jack Dorsey had his own account taken over by hackers. Oops…


It’s all over for the Aussies. Ash Barty fell in straight sets to China's Wang Qiang overnight. That equals her best fourth-round appearance in the last major tennis tournament of the year. Meanwhile, Alex De Minaur also lost in straight sets to Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov this morning. And Nick Kyrgios put on a typically tumultuous performance on Saturday. Not long into the game, he needed eye-drops complaining the lights on centre court were blinding him during his serve. But it seems there was a deeper issue - his late-night gaming habit. "Call of Duty has ruined me," he complained to his box. "I don't even want to be here, bro. I just wanna be home," he later said. Wish granted - he was bundled out. Maybe he can eat pizza and drink Coke with boxer Jeff Horn?

Want to know a bit more about Ash Barty - our first world #1 for donkey’s years? We’ve got a Squiz Shortcut for that…


We’ve heard of classical music, mosquito noises and even Barry Manilow being used to move on loiterers. But modern classic Baby Shark? That’s a crime do do do do do do…


ABS Data Releases - Business Indicators, June; Mineral and Petroleum Exploration, June

ANZ Job Ads Data for August released

Vietnam’s National Day

Women's Health Week

National Stroke Week

Spinal Injury Awareness Week

National Superhero Week (for the benefit of Muscular Dystrophy)

National Landcare Week

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