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“The ponytail is a feminist symbol.”

That’s according to lifestyle site Refinery29‘s Jacqueline Kilikita, who’s noticed an uptick in the humble ‘do thanks to their prevalence at the Women’s World Cup. Kilikita reckons they indicate “showing your face to the world and getting things done in style”. Hand over a hair tie…

World Cup winners are grinners


It only took one goal for Spain to trounce England in the final last night, despite the Lionesses being the match favourites. The Spanish captain Olga Carmona slotted a ball into the corner of the goal at 29 minutes, and England was battling for the rest of the match. After the English goalie saved a penalty kick in the second half, the Poms regained momentum and looked close to scoring, but the Spanish side was just too good. La Roja ended the game with 58% possession of the ball and holding up the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.


Whichever team won last night, they would be the first nation ever to win both the women’s and men’s FIFA trophies. The English were extra-keen for the win, with churches shifting Sunday morning mass times so the faithful could watch the game and pubs open and pouring despite the fixture happening mid-morning. But Spain is equally soccer-mad, and their Queen Letizia is sure glad she flew to Sydney for the occasion… dancing with the national team after the win. “WORLD CHAMPIONS!” Spain’s acting prime minister posted, adding, “You’ve made history. You’ve made us proud.”


We’ll never forget the Matildas… Spirits were high in Brisbane over the weekend, despite the Matildas’ 2-0 loss to Sweden on Saturday night to end the tournament in fourth place. The team received the keys to the city yesterday, and captain Sam Kerr thanked their millions of new supporters for “the best 4 weeks of our lives”. And while they didn’t get a podium finish, the Matildas did secure some cash… Finishing fourth sees each player receive roughly $258,000. And for the next generation, PM Anthony Albanese announced $200 million to “promote equal access, build more suitable facilities, and support grassroots initiatives” for girls and women in sport. If the record TV audiences are anything to go by – with another 3.38 million tuning into Saturday’s game – they’ll need every cent…

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Squiz the Rest

Double trouble in North America

The situation in Canada escalated dramatically over the weekend with 35,000 now evacuated from their homes as wildfires threaten communities in the northwest of the country. “The current situation is grim,” said British Columbia’s Premier David Eby after declaring a state of emergency. Eby has urged people not to travel if they don’t need to, saying that accommodation in the area needs to go to displaced locals. And that’s not all for North American emergencies… California declared its own on Saturday with Hurricane Hilary expected to cause historic flooding in the state. Hilary will be the first tropical storm to hit California in almost 84 years, and Governor Gavin Newsom has requested that rescue teams be ready to deploy. Los Angeles’ parks and beaches will be closed on Monday and Tuesday as residents batten down the hatches…

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British nurse found guilty of babies’ murders

This was around on Saturday but it’s so shocking, here we are… Lucy Letby was found guilty of murdering 7 babies at the Countess of Chester Hospital (about 40km south of Liverpool) between June 2015-June 2016. The 33yo was also found guilty of attempting to murder another 6 babies, not guilty of 2 other attempted murders, and the jury couldn’t reach a verdict on another 6 charges. It wraps up a 10-month trial that saw prosecutors describe Letby as a “calculating and devious” opportunist. She’d pleaded not guilty to all charges and her defence team argued the deaths were due to “serial failures in care” in the unit. But during a police search of Letby’s home, officers found a handwritten note saying: “I killed them on purpose because I’m not good enough to care for them”. Letby will be sentenced on Monday local time, while the UK Government has launched an inquiry into claims that the hospital ignored reports against her. 


Victoria settles on a Commonwealth Games payout

There’s no such thing as a free attempt at hosting a Commonwealth Games… The bill’s been tallied for Victoria’s withdrawal from the 2026 Commonwealth Games and the good taxpayers of Victoria are on the hook for $380 million that will be paid to the Games’ managing bodies as compensation for the late cancellation. Premier Daniel Andrews said the event would have cost up to $7 billion – a figure the Commonwealth Games Federation denies… Victoria’s Coalition leader John Pesutto said it’s a waste of resources “for an event that will never happen”. In a statement, the state government said all parties involved in the mediation had “agreed that the multi-hub regional model was more expensive to host than the traditional models”. Games’ organisers have to find a new host for the 2026 event as well as 2030’s after Canadian province of Alberta recently pulled out due to cost concerns…

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A very fast moon landing…

Russia’s Luna-25 craft was expected to land on the moon today, but we heard overnight that the unmanned craft had lost radio contact and crashed. You could technically call it a moon landing, although Roscosmos (Russia’s space agency) would prefer to say that the craft had “ceased its existence as a result of a collision with the lunar surface”. Ouch. It’s a big week for the moon, with India’s Chandrayaan-3 lunar probe scheduled for lunar surface contact on Wednesday, if all goes to plan. India’s last attempt, the Chandrayaan-2, also made a high-speed faceplant in 2019 – although experts think the previous failed attempt gives this week’s landing a better chance at success. Both missions are/were aiming to land at the southern pole of the moon, where scientists are hoping that the frozen conditions mean they’ll be able to study moon ice for the first time. Maybe they can find an epic doorstop while they’re there? 

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Aiming for some PB’s in the PBP…

The world’s oldest cycling event is rollin’ in France this week. And no, we didn’t miss the Tour de France… The Paris-Brest-Paris (known affectionately as the PBP) is the go-to endurance ride for amateur cyclists every 4 years. Here’s a good explainer, but it’s not your average event… PBP is part of ‘Audax’ – long-distance non-competitive cycling designed to test endurance. Participants ride 1,200km in 90 hours while carrying their own supplies. About 8,000 riders from 70 countries (including Oz) signed up for this year’s adventure, and they have to sort themselves out for all things eat, drink and sleep. Aussie rider Sally Theofanides says people catch some shut-eye wherever they can… “In doorways, the side of the road, against a tree, where they have fallen off their bike, asleep in their food”. Riders left Paris yesterday, and are due to return – for some well-deserved rest, presumably – on Thursday…


Apropos of nothing

Marine enthusiasts in NSW were treated to a rare east coast southern right whale sighting over the weekend – but they were also warned not to get too close… The mother and calf duo caused some excitement as they were spotted making their way south. 

They might cross paths with a rare New Zealand Tawaki penguin which has been released into the ocean at Killarney Beach, off Victoria’s coast… The Kiwi native washed ashore weeks earlier, malnourished and dehydrated – but has since been nursed back to health.

And he might have enjoyed some land-based bird calls during his rehab… In fact, the iconic sound of a magpie’s warbling has just been voted Australia’s Favourite Animal Sound. Given they have a wider range of notes than Freddie Mercury, it’s no surprise we like their music…

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Squiz the Day

Company Results – Adairs; Altium; Ampol; BlueScope Steel; Breville Group; Insurance Group Australia; Nib Holdings

International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism

Start of National Skills Week (until 27 August)

World Entrepreneurs’ Day

Birthdays for Usain Bolt (1986) and Kacey Musgraves (1988)

Anniversary of:
• the marriage of Peter the Great and Catherine II (1745)
• the founding of Hobart (1842)
• the marriage of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo (1929)
• the release of Walt Disney’s Bambi (1942)
• Hawaii becoming the 50th state of America (1959)
• the death of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky (1940)

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