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Squiz Today – Monday, 21 August


"People hate me because I am a multifaceted, talented, wealthy, internationally famous genius."

But not particularly humble, it seemed. But Jerry Lewis was much loved as one of the most famous comedians of his day and his partnership with Dean Martin will be remembered as one of the best of all time. Lewis died yesterday at 91yo. Vale. 


Julian Cadman, the 7yo British-Aussie boy, has been confirmed dead following the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain on Thursday. Thirteen people were killed on the tourist boulevard of Las Ramblas when a van was driven at speed at pedestrians. More than 130 were wounded, many seriously, including Julian’s mother Jumarie Cadman (known as Jom). Andrew Cadman, Julian’s father, arrived in Barcelona on Saturday night local time to be reunited with his wife after he was taken to a facility where victims of the attack are being identified. The Cadmans moved to Sydney from Britain three years ago, and Jom and Julian were in Spain for a family wedding. Another Australian woman was injured and it’s believed she remains in hospital.

Spanish authorities say they have dismantled the terrorist cell involved. It’s believed they were involved in a number of incidents over three days last week (the most significant of which occurred on Las Ramblas) including:

• An explosion destroyed a house in Alcanar killing one person on Wednesday. It’s believed this prevented the terrorists from accessing a large number of gas cylinders for a much bigger attack they had planned for Barcelona and Cambrils.

• Eight hours after the Las Ramblas attack, a car was driven into a crowd in the seaside town of Cambrils and five occupants set on pedestrians, stabbing one woman to death.

Some reports say 12 terrorists were involved in the cell. Five were shot dead in Cambrils (including four by one police officer alone). A further four have been arrested. The driver of the van used on Las Ramblas is still on the run, and there are concerns he may have crossed the border into France.

Great question. PM Malcolm Turnbull yesterday announced guidelines for making shopping malls, pedestrian zones, tourist areas and stadiums safer. He released a report commissioned by the government after the truck attack in Nice, France. It recommends the building of stairs, statues, bollards and planters to create physical blocks to stop a car or truck from getting too far. As long as there aren't statues of US Confederate war figures, it should be fine. 


The former President of East Timor, Xanana Gusmao, will continue to lead his country’s fight to get control of the Greater Sunrise gas field despite his party losing the July election. East Timor want the boundary between us to be shifted to have Sunrise entirely in its jurisdiction. If a line was to be drawn down the middle of the sea between our countries, Sunrise would be on the East Timorese side. But we have argued that the gas field is on our side of the continental shelf. Or something like that. Anyway, the point is we both want it bad – it’s thought to be worth about $40 billion in gassy goodness. Negotiations recommence this week and an outcome is due in October.

Another one bites the High Court. SA Senator Nick Xenophon 'fessed up on Saturday to one of the more complicated citizenship cluster-disasters. His father was born in Cyprus during the time it was considered British territory, making Xenophon a Pom by descent. He expressed confidence that the High Court would find him eligible to remain in Parliament. The High Court now has seven cases to consider (so far…) and Attorney-General George Brandis yesterday said the government would ask for it to be dealt with toot sweet. And although Labor leader Bill Shorten has reassured everyone his citizenship status is all good (his father was born in Britain), reports this morning say the Coalition will put him under pressure to provide evidence.

While we have you… there’s another difficult Newspoll for the government out this morning. Labor leads in a two-party preferred stakes 54-46, with the Coalition dropping one point. Shorten picked up a couple of points in the better PM race but Turnbull leads 43-33.

Credited with playing a lead role in US President Donald Trump’s election, Steve Bannon was a divisive figure as the “champion of Trump’s nationalist impulses”. As Trump’s chief strategist, he was custodian of the campaign’s election promises (think ‘the Wall’, Muslim travel ban and ‘America First’). Reports say he was ousted by new chief-of-staff John Kelly who is trying to bring order to Team Trump, but it’s a big call. Before his stint in politics, Bannon was chairman of right-wing publisher Brietbart. He’s returned to the fold already and Breitbart’s editor-at-large tweeted “#WAR”. Shiver. 

It’s all happening today (and you couldn’t get three more diverse occasions…)

1. US AND SOUTH KOREA TO KICK OFF MILITARY EXERCISES – And it’s tenser than dinner with your ex’s new love interest. The annual exercises have been locked in for ages, but it’s come at a difficult time. Said to involve 25,000 US and tens of thousands of South Korean soldiers, the focus is on readiness for an attack from the Hermit Kingdom. NK leader Kim Jong Un said last week they are watching the US and experts expect the exercises will stir up trouble. 

2. SOLAR ECLIPSE IN THE US – States along the ‘path of totality’ - which stretches from Oregon to South Carolina - will get the full eclipse, and most other states will get a partial one. It’s been all they can talk about for the last few weeks and there are predictions of yuuuge crowds. So get ready for lots of mentions today and tonnes of pics when you get up on Tuesday. Cue the Bonnie Tyler…

3. DIRTY DANCING TURNS 30 - Whether you regard it as a coming-of-age classic or really really annoying (guess what side of the equation we fall…), you can’t deny its endurance in the hearts of millions of fans. Three fun facts: the late Patrick Swayze initially hated the classic line; “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”. He and co-star Jennifer Grey didn’t have any feelz for one another - in fact, put it in the ‘dislike’ category. And the finished movie tested so poorly it nearly went straight to video. From unhappy beginnings it’s done pretty well you’d have to say.

Nick Kyrgios, who admittedly has his bratty moments, can do no wrong as far as we’re concerned (for today anyway). At 6.00am this morning (eastern time), he kicks off his finals appearance in the Cincinnati Masters against Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov. Kyrigos beat Rafael Nadal in straight sets to get there, so we’re feeling good about this (which means we’ve probably jinxed it).

Winx won her 18th straight race on Saturday taking out the Warwick Stakes at Randwick. Next up – the Chelmsford Stakes in a couple of weeks. She’s just magic.

As many predicted, the Wallabies (our Rugby Union national side) didn’t have a great Bledisloe Cup opener on Saturday night going down to the All Blacks 54-34. Former Wallaby great Michael Lynagh blasted the team saying their skills are “non-existent”. We’re not experts, but that doesn’t sound good. The next opportunity to be beaten presents itself next Saturday in NZ.


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