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Squiz Today – Tuesday, 22 November

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“Bachelor’s handbag”

Is one of the contenders for Macquarie Dictionary’s 2022 Word of the Year competition. Sometimes referred to as a ‘tradie’s briefcase’, it’s a reference to a supermarket roast chook because of the plastic bag with handles and the convenience item’s popularity with – let’s generalise, shall we – men. The iconic meal has even been immortalised as an actual handbag

High-profile arrests in Iran

Iranian police have arrested 2 award-winning actresses who participated in nationwide anti-government protests by appearing in public without their headscarves. Iran’s state-controlled media says Hengameh Ghaziani and Katayoun Riahi have been accused of collusion and acting against authorities. Just before the pair were arrested on Sunday, Ghaziani posted on social media saying “whatever happens, know that as always I will stand with the people of Iran”. The protests are in response to the death of 22yo Mahsa Amini following her arrest on 16 September in Tehran by the country’s ‘morality police’ for wearing her hijab too loosely. Police say she suffered a heart attack while in custody, but there are reports she was severely beaten and struck on the head.

Short answer: loads of people. The demonstrations against Iran’s regime and its strict dress code for women are in their 3rd month, and they are the biggest the country’s seen since the Islamic Revolution in the 1970s. Ghaziani and Riahi aren’t the only well-known public figures to join in… Last week, another popular actress Taraneh Alidoosti posted a photo of herself on social media without a headscarf and holding a card reading ‘Woman. Life. Freedom.’ – a catchcry for protestors. The captain of Iran’s national football team Ehsan Hajsafi also spoke out from the soccer World Cup in Qatar on Sunday, saying “we have to accept that the conditions in our country are not right and our people are not happy”. And Iran boxing federation head Hossein Soori has defected, saying he can’t support “a system that so easily sheds the blood of human beings”, referring to the regime’s violent crackdown on protestors.

Iran’s leaders have ordered crackdowns on the protests because they seem them as “riots” orchestrated by foreign enemies. Reports say the worst of it is in Kurdish regions of the country where the protests have been the most intense in solidarity with Amini, who was a Kurd. The Iran Government’s been condemned internationally for its brutal response, including being sanctioned by Europe. Human rights activists say about 410 people have been killed in the unrest so far, includes 58 children – and 16,800 protestors have been arrested. The first death sentence linked to the protests was issued in an Iranian court last week, but there’s reports at least 6 people will be executed by authorities. With neither protestors or the government backing down, analysts expect it to be a grim situation for a while longer.

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Squiz the Rest

Hold onto your hat…

If wild weather is your thing, Australia sure is serving it up… From storms and high temps in Far North Queensland to hot winds blasted Brissie and the Gold Coast, the Sunshine State is turning it on for the schoolies crowd. Meanwhile, southeastern Oz is shivering through a cold snap and high winds – NSW and Victoria have recorded snow in the Alps, and Tassie is expecting some today. At Melbourne Airport Tullamarine, the weather bureau said the ‘feels like’ temperature was -7C with the wind chill at noon yesterday. Yikes… South Australia isn’t missing out – strong winds have been back. It’s also prepping for the enormous volume of water that’s caused flooding in NSW and Victoria as it moves down the Murray River. Locals have been reminded to keep an eye on the conditions as waterways start to rise. Flooding continues to be a major problem in the Central West and southern areas of NSW, including Deniliquin, where parts are being evacuated. As always, please stay safe. 

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Lowering the voting age in Kiwiland

Aussies love to vote (compulsorily…), but our cuzzie bros across the ditch could beat us in the electoral enthusiasm stakes with plans to lower the voting age. Kiwis need to be 18yo to cast a ballot, but PM Jacinda Ardern says she’ll back legislation to reduce that to 16yo after a judge ruled the existing age limit breaches young people’s human rights. The Supreme Court yesterday found the current voting age is inconsistent with the country’s Bill of Rights, which gives people a right to be free from age discrimination once they turn 16yo. It concludes a 2-year case that was brought by ‘Make It 16’, a group that say younger people should be able to vote because issues like climate change will disproportionately affect their futures. But changing the long-established rule won’t be quick… Ardern says the issue will have to be passed by the parliament with 75% support – a tough ask when the opposition National Party is not in support of the proposed change.

World News

Tempting tourists back to our neighbourhood

International travel is back on the agenda but Asia-Pacific nations are struggling to turn around declines in visitor numbers due to cost of living pressures and China’s strict COVID-zero policy. Monthly visitor numbers in Oz are still down by a million on pre-pandemic levels, and even places that reopened early are having trouble attracting visitors, with 276,000 tourists coming to Bali in August this year compared to more than 600,000 in the same month in 2019. Overwhelmingly, travellers are going to Western Europe, where occupancy rates in French hotels last summer exceeded pre-pandemic levels. Those planning on heading there for the holidays might find themselves left in the dark, with a number of Christmas markets scaling back their lights this year due to soaring energy costs. And with true white Christmases becoming a rarity in parts of Europe, ice rinks are also being scrapped. As long as the glühwein keeps flowing…

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A deadly earthquake strikes Indonesia

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake has hit West Java province on Indonesia’s main island, killing 162 people and injuring 326 others. It’s an evolving situation and authorities are still searching for survivors believed to be under the rubble with at least 2,345 homes damaged. The country’s National Agency for Disaster Management says several structures, including 4 schools and 52 houses, collapsed or were damaged badly. They say almost 14,000 people have been displaced and will be temporarily housed in 14 refugee camp sites. Regional governor Ridwan Kamil says some residents are still “trapped in isolated places” and officials are “under the assumption that the number of injured and deaths will rise with time”. The quake’s epicentre was recorded near the town of Cianjur, about 75km southeast of the capital, Jakarta, where tremors were felt… And there are also reports of 25 aftershocks being recorded in the hours following.

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Looking forward to a lunar lifestyle

We often talk about a sea or tree-change, but a celestial-change? The idea might not be out of this world after a senior NASA official said he reckons we’ll be blasting off to live and work on the moon by the end of this decade. Howard Hu, head of the Orion lunar spacecraft program, says “we’re going to have people living there” with full-blown habitats and rovers to support their work. But before you get too excited, it sounds like scientists will get first dibs on the lunar lifestyle, with Hu saying those capable of “doing science” will be dispatched to our only natural satellite. His comments follow last week’s launch of the Artemis 1 rocket, which is conducting a 25-day uncrewed mission to test its systems for the next generation of human spaceflight. But if you’re Norwegian, you could be forgiven for thinking aliens might be coming here first…


Apropos of Nothing

Americans are being encouraged to cuddle – not carve – a turkey to mark Thanksgiving on Thursday. According to one animal sanctuary, they’re epic snugglers… It is traditional to wish people a ‘Happy Turkey Day’ after all…

If you’ve been worrying about beer going to waste in Qatar after officials made a last-second decision not to allow the sale of alcohol inside World Cup stadiums, fear not… Budweiser has a plan for the stockpile – give it to the tournament winners. That’s going to be one epic afterparty…

A woman in South Oz is ok after she got stuck in an 8 metre-deep well while trying to rescue her cat yesterday meow-ning… The cat got out, but the woman had to be rescued. It was a bit embarrassing, but reports say they are both feline fine…

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Squiz the Day

12.30pm (AEDT) – Chief Executive of the Murray–Darling Basin Authority, Andrew McConville, addresses the National Press Club – Canberra

2.20pm (AEDT) – Men’s Cricket 3rd ODI – Australia v England – Melbourne

6.30pm (AEDT) – Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews debates Opposition Liberal leader Guy Matthews – live on Sky News

7.30pm (AEDT) – AFLW W Awards night – Melbourne

Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe to deliver an address at the CEDA annual dinner – Melbourne

Lebanon’s Independence Day

Company AGM – Star Entertainment Group; Fortescue Metals

Kimchi Day

Birthdays for actors Jamie Lee Curtis (1958), Scarlett Johansson (1984), and model/beauty businesswoman Hailey Beiber (1996)

Anniversary of:
 Middlemarch author George Eliot’s birthday (1819)
• the first interracial kiss on television, between Star Trek’s Captain Kirk and Uhura (1968)
• the release of Toy Story, the first feature-length film created completely using computer-generated imagery (1995)
• Angela Merkel becoming the first female Chancellor of Germany (2005)
• the deaths of authors Aldous Huxley (1963) and CS Lewis (1963), US President John F Kennedy (1963), INXS frontman Michael Hutchence (1997) and author Bryce Courtenay (2012)

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