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“A taste of security, with a hint of freedom.”

Said Petteri Vanttinen, the CEO of a Finnish brewery which launched a NATO-themed beer to mark the Nordic country’s bid to join NATO. European security is in the can…

The winner takes it all – almost…

Wow-wee that federal election sure was something… Labor under leader Anthony Albanese is on track to form a majority government. That saw outgoing PM Scott Morrison concede defeat on Saturday night and resign as leader of the Liberals. “I’ve always believed in Australians and their judgment, and I’ve always been prepared to accept their verdicts,” he said. As for Albanese, he said he was “ready to serve” and “I want to seek our common purpose and promote unity and optimism, not fear and division.”

●  It’s projected that Labor will win 77 seats – one more than the required 76 seats to run the show without support from the crossbench. It looks like Labor has picked up 10 seats from the Liberals but they also lost a couple – one to a non-Teal independent in southwest Sydney (ending former NSW premier Kristina Keneally’s dream of entering the lower house), and another to the Greens in the Brisbane seat of Griffith. 

●  It’s predicted that the Coalition will lose 16-ish seats, including 2 to the Greens and 6 to the Teal independents. The Liberals have lost some notable people including (most likely…) Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and ministers Ken Wyatt, Ben Morton and Tim Wilson. The Nationals are set to hold all their seats.

●  And how about those Greens and Teals… The Greens are on track to claim 3 seats, up from 1. And the Climate200-aligned independents go from 2 to 8 after knocking over some previously safe Liberals. That means the crossbench is on track to include 15 MPs, up from 6 last term.

A lot of analysis… ‘Fractured’ was the word of the night because a lot is going on behind those results. For example, Western Australia saw a 10.8% 2-party preferred swing to Labor, while in Tassie, there was a 2.1% swing to the Coalition. And then there’s Morrison’s (un)popularity and the factors driving the rise of the Teals and the Green’s success. But what’s next in practical terms? Albanese will be sworn in today so he can sprint to Tokyo to high-5 the leaders of India, Japan and the US. And the Coalition will have to pick a new leader and frontbench, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, the count continues with a tonne of postal votes to get through to finalise the result.

Want to dig a bit deeper? Our last Squiz The Election podcast is out this morning… 

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Only diplomacy can end the war: Zelensky

Despite predictions that Russia is mired in a war that it cannot win, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says the best way for a swift resolution is through diplomacy. He says his country could win on the battlefield but noted the conflict “will be bloody, there will be fighting, but it will only definitively end through diplomacy”. He has also ruled out any concessions to Russia. It comes as US President Joe Biden signed a bill that confirms $40 billion of new military and humanitarian aid for the war effort. It’s the largest package of American assistance since Russia invaded Ukraine in February and is expected to last for 5 months. Zelensky and his wife Olena Zelenska have given a rare joint interview, the 2nd time they’ve been seen together since the war began. She says her family had been “torn apart” like others across the country but added “no one takes my husband away from me, not even the war.” 

World News

Craig McLachlan abandons his defamation case

A fortnight after the trial began against the ABC, Nine newspapers and his former Rocky Horror Show co-star Christie Whelan Browne, the actor/singer has dropped the case and agreed to pay the costs, estimated to be around $3 million. He says he can’t continue to put his family under strain. To recap: the news outlets published reports in 2018 claiming the actor had harassed female colleagues. Whelan Brown said she’d been left traumatised by having her name dragged through the mud. “I have received multiple threats and constant abuse, and it continues to this day,” she said. McLachlan had just finished giving evidence and agreed that he’d brought sexual jokes and pranks to Rocky Horror but denied the allegations made in the media reports. He’ll pay the defendants’ court costs.

Australian News Crime

Monkeypox confirmed in Oz

There’s a new virus doing the global rounds, and authorities have confirmed that it’s arrived in Oz. Monkeypox is a cousin of smallpox – one of history’s biggest killers that was eradicated in 1977. Monkeypox is also accompanied by fever and a bumpy rash of blisters that can burst and leave craters on the skin, but symptoms are significantly milder, with a death rate of 1% (note: smallpox was circa 30%). One case in Melbourne is a man in his 30s who recently arrived from London and another man in Sydney who’d flown in from Europe. NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said there was no reason to panic because it doesn’t spread quickly between people. The World Health Organization says it’s being spread as an STD “which has amplified its transmission around the world.” It’s already been found in 15 countries outside its stomping ground of Central and West Africa.


Titmus shines as Chalmers claims his spot

The federal election wasn’t the only big race in town – in Adelaide, Australia’s best swimmers continued to battle it out for World Championships and Commonwealth Games selection. Ariarne Titmus broke legend Katie Ledecky’s 400m freestyle record yesterday. Despite her success in the last 12 months, Titmus said she still regards Ledecky as the GOAT. “To be in the conversation with her I feel completely honoured,” she said. Shayna Jack has made a strong comeback from a 2-year drug ban by winning the women’s 50m freestyle final with the fastest time in the world this year. And Kyle Chalmers will claim his spot at the World Championships, which leaves popstar Cody Simpson without a start. Chalmers said the saga had “been really challenging for me mentally and emotionally,” so he’s gone home to Port Lincoln to chill out. Simpson, who is said to be dating Chalmers ex-flame/swim star Emma McKeon, is on the Comm Games team list.

Australian News Sport

Vale Caroline Jones

The trailblazing broadcaster and first female host of ABC’s Four Corners has died aged 84yo after a fall at her Sydney home on Friday. Born and raised in regional NSW, she tried and failed to get a journalism cadetship after school. It wasn’t until 1963 when she was in her late 20s that she joined ABC’s This Day Tonight. When she moved onto the broadcaster’s flagship current affairs show, it prompted headlines like ‘Girl will take over Four Corners’. Long stints on radio and hosting duties on Australian Story followed. In 2013, she spoke about her decision not to have children. “It was the right decision for me … women naturally want a family life, and I sometimes think it’s at great cost and strain,” she said. After retiring, Jones was known for her commitment to promoting her female colleagues. “Her lists of firsts for a female reporter are too lengthy to mention and we pay tribute to her incredible public service, her grace and impeccable character,” said the ABC TV’s 7.30 host Leigh Sales.

Australian News

Apropos of Nothing

Gastronomers are facing a mustard crisis on the cusp of summer, with a nationwide shortage of seeds leaving shelves bare in France. We wonder if a massive/accidental order of cheeseburgers has anything to do with it?

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla can add soap stars to their CVs… Next month, the royal pair will appear in EastEnders in an episode featuring a street party to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

A German woman has found a novel solution to rising fuel prices, swapping her car for a horse-drawn carriage. It’s turned the 10-minute trip into an hour-long commute, but she reckons its saves €250 a month.

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Labor leader Anthony Albanese sworn in as PM – Canberra

World Turtle Day

International Day to End Obstetric Fistula

Anniversary of:
• US Founding Father Benjamin Franklin announcing his invention of bifocals (1785)
• Mao Zedong starting the Great Leap Forward movement in China (1958)
• the Good Friday Agreement being accepted in a referendum in Northern Ireland (1998)
• Indian PM Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) re-election in a landslide (2019)

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