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“The history of the mullet is kind of derelict in a way, and when you have a clean-cut person wearing Stan Smith’s, linen, and a mullet – it doesn’t work for me.”

Said Laura Spinney, who’s earned the nickname ‘mullet mummy’ after becoming to go-to hairdresser in Sydney for the front/party at the back style. But she reckons its resurgence could soon be over with the shocking do becoming palatable to the masses…

Wet, wet, wet

Pakistan’s PM Shehbaz Sharif has asked for international help after officials confirmed yesterday that more than 1,000 people have been killed and 1,456 have been injured in floods across the country since June. Many parts of Pakistan have become inaccessible due to the mega monsoonal rains, and more than 33 million people have been displaced by floodwaters and landslides, which is about 15% of the country’s population. Pakistan declared a national emergency on Thursday, and so far, the US, UK, United Arab Emirates and a few other nations have contributed to a monsoon disaster appeal.

Right, but Sharif says the losses this season are comparable to those during the floods of 2010-11, said to be the worst on record. What’s different this time is the wet season started early in June instead of July, and then the rain got very heavy in August, with about 60% of the nation’s usual monsoonal rains falling in less than a month. And there is more to come… Experts blame climate change for the intensity of the downfalls, but there is also criticism of local governments for allowing construction in areas prone to seasonal flooding. So far, 60,000 homes across the country have been destroyed/badly damaged, and vital infrastructure like roads and bridges have been washed away, with northern Pakistan particularly affected. Some videos and photos of the astounding floodwaters are here.

You bet you are… As this video from the Bureau of Meteorology shows, a big dotted line will bring rain to the Northern Territory, Queensland, and northern NSW as a dotted line with spikes dumps the wet stuff to South Oz, southern NSW, Victoria and Tassie. So that takes care of our small talk for the best part of this week… It comes as Sydney is set to surpass its all-time rain record after the city’s total rainfall for 2022 passed the 2,000mm mark on Friday – the first time since 1963. Sydney’s wettest year on record was 1950 with 2,194mm of rain – keep in mind its average rainfall is 1,200mm… And sorry to be a new week party pooper, but more experts are saying we’re heading towards our 3rd consecutive La Niña weather event this spring/summer…

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Squiz the Rest

Nuclear worries escalate in Ukraine

The operators of the nuclear power plant in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia say that Russian forces are continuing to shell the site and that it is operating “with the risk of violating radiation and fire safety standards”. Energoatom says the plant has been damaged, and there are risks of “hydrogen leakage and sputtering of radioactive substances”. In response, Ukrainian officials have stepped up the safety drills and distributed potassium iodine tablets to the thousands of residents in areas, which can help protect the body in case of a radiation leak. A team of scientists from the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency are set to travel to Zaporizhzhia – Europe’s largest nuclear power station – this week. Russia continues to deny that its forces are putting the plant’s safety at risk. On Saturday, it blocked the adoption of a joint UN declaration on nuclear disarmament over criticism directed its way.

World News

Steering towards the summit

The biggest show in town this week is the Jobs and Skills Summit hosted by the Albanese Government on Thursday and Friday, and it’s already on… Yesterday, Business Council head Jennifer Westacott said the big end of town wants to see a plan for industry-wide bargaining. That would mean sector-wide pay deals rather than workers being able to bargain with their employer. Meanwhile, Unions boss Sally McManus says the better off overall test could be simplified. It’s a legal threshold that ensures individual workers don’t go backwards in their deals with employers – reforming it is something business groups want. And in a rare move, the Unions and business groups have issued a statement calling for the government to overhaul skills and training. We’ll hear what PM Anthony Albanese is hoping will come out of the Summit when he addresses the National Press Club today – and no, Shaquille O’Neal will not be there…

AusPol Business & Finance

Western Oz goes with the flow

The Western Australian Government has announced it will offer public high school students free tampons and pads starting next year. It’s the last jurisdiction in Australia to join efforts to address ‘period poverty’, which can see girls miss school because they cannot afford the items. Victoria became the first state in the country to provide access to period products in public schools in 2020. South Australia, the Northern Territory, and Tasmania followed in 2021, and NSW and Queensland public schools began providing free menstrual hygiene products this year. In the ACT, free sanitary products are available in public schools, and it’s progressing legislation to provide free sanitary products to anyone who needs them. “It’s about bloody time we’ve done this in schools,” WA’s Women’s Interests Minister Simone McGurk said. Earlier this month, Scotland became the first nation in the world to give out tampons and pads to citizens requiring them.

Australian News Health

We are go for Artemis 1

Set to be the most powerful rocket to ever leave Earth, NASA’s Artemis 1 is on the launchpad at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, waiting to blast off tonight (10.33pm eastern Oz time). It’s getting a lot of attention because it’s big. Artemis 1 comprises of Orion – a 6-person deep-space exploration capsule – which sits on a 98m, 2,600 tonne Space Launch System (SLS) megarocket. And the launch is also big in what it signifies. It’s one of the final steps before humankind’s return to the moon for the first time since 1972. In essence, it’s an uncrewed test flight (except for Snoopy…) which will last 42 days and travel 2,000,000km to almost 65,000km beyond the far side of the moon and back. It’s a forerunner to a planned moon landing by 2 astronauts – including the first woman – by the end of 2025. Thousands of spectators are expected to gather for the launch, and why wouldn’t you?


Counting love languages

Fifty years ago, Gary Chapman wrote The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. A marriage counsellor with a doctorate in adult education, the book is based on his observations about a key part of what makes a couple work – or not… “Your emotional love language and the language of your spouse may be as different as Chinese from English. No matter how hard you try to express love in English, if your spouse understands only Chinese, you will never understand how to love each other,” he has said. He says there are 5 ‘love languages’: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. And despite the enthusiasm, he now says he doesn’t think anyone has discovered a 6th. “I’ve seen some of those – you know, ‘The sixth love language is tacos’ … Well, if they bought it, it’s a gift. If they made it, it’s an act of service. I’m not dogmatic, but I think most of the ways of expressing love fit into one of these 5.” Sure, but hot chips are definitely our love language…

Quirky News

Apropos of Nothing

The black Ford Escort RS Turbo, bought by Prince Charles and driven by Princess Diana from 1985-88 has been sold at auction for a whopping $1.1 million. Silverstone auction house specialist Arwel Richards said the model was known as the ‘people’s sports car’, so “the fact it was driven by the People’s Princess just nails it.”

Fun fact: a ‘Thomasson’ is a useless structure that has been preserved and has become a piece of art – and Sydney is chockablock of ‘em. PS the handsome bulldog outside the public toilets in Circular Quay is our friend Harvey…

And Shingo Yamagami is Japan’s Ambassador to Australia. After a tough magpie season in 2021, he’s making a fresh start in 2022. Good luck, Your Excellency…

Quirky News

Squiz the Day

10.00am (AEST) – 2022 MTV Video Music Awards

12.30pm (AEST) – PM Anthony Albanese gives his first address to the National Press Club since the election – Canberra

From 10.33pm (AEST) – NASA set to launch its first Artemis mission to the moon – Florida

Overnight – US Open begins – New York

ABS Data Release – Retail Trade, July

Company Results – Adore Beauty; Booktopia; Fortescue Metals Group; Mineral Resources; Northern Star Resources; Harvey Norman

International Day Against Nuclear Tests

Birthdays for actor/singer Lea Michele (1986) and singer Liam Payne (1993)

Anniversary of:
• Great Britain and China signing Treaty of Nanking, ending the Opium War (1842)
• the founding of Netflix by Californians Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings as an online DVD rental business (1997)
• Hurricane Katrina hitting the US city of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, ultimately killing 1,800 people (2005)

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