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“We still think it’s a little unreal, but exciting”.

Said food icon Maggie Beer of the movie that’s being made about the adventure of setting up a cooking school with Stephanie Alexander in Italy 25 years ago. They’re now playing a delicious guessing game of who will play them onscreen…

Are you ready for a new sensation?

They were thumped in last weekend’s election, but the MPs who retained and won seats are meeting today to elect the party leaders who will need to pick up the pieces and come up with a plan for what’s next. For the Liberals, it’s shaping up to be a straightforward process with Peter Dutton and Sussan Ley expected to be elected unopposed as leader and deputy of the party. But for the Nationals, it’s a bit more complicated…

Because Barnaby Joyce is being challenged for the leadership by 2 contenders: Victorian Darren Chester and Queenslander David Littleproud. To say Chester’s not a Joyce fan is putting it mildly… He was dumped from the frontbench last year – and took a spell from the party for a few weeks to cool his jets. He says it’s “time for a change”. And current deputy leader/former Agriculture Minister Littleproud says he’s the guy to lead them to the 2025 election. At 45yo, he’s the youngest of the pack and is seen as a future leader – but his colleagues will tell us today if it’s his time to shine… The Nationals fared significantly better than the Liberals at the ballot box by holding onto all of its 16 seats. But many Liberals blamed Joyce’s criticism of the Coalition’s climate policies as damaging their chances in inner-city and suburban seats. “We are not the Liberals’ excuse, they must look at their own ship and own it,” he responded.

Settle in because PM Anthony Albanese and Dutton will be pulling off more of ’em than John Travolta… To round off things for the Coalition, reports say former Energy Minister Angus Taylor is in line to become the Treasury spokesman. And former Foreign/Women’s Minister Marise Payne is expected to head to the backbench voluntarily. As for Team Albanese, the factions meet today to discuss who to put forward for big new jobs, the result will be confirmed at a caucus meeting tomorrow, and there will be a swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday. Labor could get to 76 seats in the House of Reps today if the Melbourne seat of Macnamara breaks their way in a complicated 3-way count.

AusPol Election 22

Squiz the Rest

It’s all happening in the Pacific…

Since we found out last week that China is seeking a 10-nation security and trade deal with our Pacific Island neighbours, the 8-nation/10-day tour by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has taken on stratospheric importance for Australia and our allies. Already snuggled in with China, the Solomon Islands will likely get a new police training facility, and cooperation deals with Samoa and Kiribati have also been done. And Wang will get to do a group pitch to 10 foreign ministers at a meeting in Fiji today. Last week, newly minted Foreign Minister Penny Wong sprinted to Fiji to see PM Frank Bainimarama – the pair had “a wonderful meeting,” he said. And not to be outdone, we’re doing a bit more with Papua New Guinea. PM Albanese says the response to the incoming government’s message of more action on climate change has been “very positive,” but analysts say there’s a lot of work to do given China’s intense focus on winning friends in our region.

World News

Taking a free shot

Efforts to combat flu season are stepping up with South and Western Oz joining Queensland and NSW in offering free jabs. The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (you know, ATAGI…) recommends everyone aged over 6 months receive a flu jab, but the vaccine is only free through the national immunisation program to groups at the highest risk, including pregnant women, children under 5yo, and adults +65yo – unless the state/territory coughs/sniffles up. That’s why the federal government is coming under pressure to pay for flu vaccines for all Aussies, given the nasty strain that’s going around and our ongoing struggle to go to work/go to school/get the pandemic show back on the road. So far, 6.5 million Aussies have had a flu shot, and there are millions more doses earmarked for at-risk Aussies and those who rock up to the GP or local pharmacy for one.


On ya bike, Jai Hindley

If his name’s not familiar, it will be after the 26yo Perth cyclist had a whopping victory overnight in the Giro d’Italia. To put it in context, he becomes the second Aussie rider to win one of the 3 grand tour events (aka the Giro, the Tour de France and the Vuelta) – Cadel Evans was the first, taking out the TDF in 2011. And Hindley did it in an exciting style, taking the race lead on Saturday after he chased down the frontrunners on the hills – and was a bit of a mess for his efforts… Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz was the man to beat – he’s a former Giro winner and the gold medalist from Tokyo – but he was holding a small 3-second lead, and Hindley got past ahead of this morning’s final stage. So the wash-up from the 21-stage, 3,445km race: the Aussie won by one minute and 8 seconds for his Bora-Hansgrohe team – something he had been burning to do since entering the final stage tied for first in 2020, only to lose. “It’s really incredible, man. I’m really proud to be Australian and happy to take this one home,” Hindley said.


That’s one way to celebrate…

Battling to hold onto his job after partying during the pandemic, reports say UK PM Boris Johnson has a nostalgic suggestion to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. He’s expected to announce a return to imperial measurements to allow British shops to sell products in pounds and ounces. Britain currently uses a mix of imperial and metric measurements – speed limits are set in miles/hour, and milk and beer are bought in pints. And while it might sound to some like our former government’s throwback to knights and dames, it was 2000 when the European Union’s requirement for metric weights and measures came into force. So not only would it be a Jubilee measure, but it’s also a hat tip to the Brexit true believers. Fun fact: aside from Britain, 3 countries make everyday use of the imperial system – the US, Myanmar and Liberia.

World News

Apropos of Nothing

What do you call 1,369 people attending Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire dressed as vampires? Insert shrugging lady emoji… But they’ve broken the record to mark 125 years since Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula was published.

Gen Z (aka those born between 1995-2009) are “the most technologically supplied, formally educated, globally-connected, and socially aware generation in history,” says demographer Mark McCrindle. And that means they have high expectations – particularly when it comes to where and how to work

Are you sick of Sydneysiders’ complaints about the endless rain they’ve received? Maybe you’ll be more sympathetic when you hear that Royal Botanic Gardens’ chief scientist Brett Summerall has confirmed that there’s “a lot of slimy stuff everywhere.” Which is the technical term, right? 

Quirky News

Squiz the Day

The Liberal and National parties are set to vote on their leadership, as the Labor factions get together to decide their frontrunners – Canberra

Reconciliation Day public holiday (ACT)

World MS Day

Birthdays for musos Tom Morello (1964), Idina Menzel (1971), and Cee-Lo Green (1974)

Anniversary of:
• Joan of Arc being burned at the stake in France after being condemned as a heretic (1431)
• the publication of Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude (1967)
• Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s divorce (1996)

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