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“The imperative to catch the runaway train is, in my view, old news.”

Said property analyst Martin North of the situation first home buyers are currently in with home prices not growing at the rate they have been in recent times. With a bit more time on their side, at least there’s an upside to these uncertain times for someone…

Remembering 2 greats of Aussie cricket

It’s been a devastating few days for Australia’s cricket community and fans worldwide with the deaths of 2 giants of the game, Shane Warne and Rod Marsh. They died within 24 hours of each other on Friday.

Wasn’t it. We’ve done a Squiz Shortcut on Warne’s life and times (and Marsh’s too…). But 3 things to note:

• He broke both his legs in a playground accident when he was young, and he had to scoot around by lying on his stomach on a trolley for 6 months. He said that gave him strong wrists and forearms at an early age – perfect prep for what was to come.

His first love was Aussie Rules footy, but when he was told by AFL club St Kilda at 18yo that he wasn’t good enough, he decided to develop his talent for leg-spin bowling. And you only need to watch Warne’s ‘ball of the century’ to see how that panned out…

• Between 1992-2007, Warne became Australia’s most prolific wicket-taker and was a fierce competitor with a genius for mind games. There were also many troubles off the field… Despite all that, Warne said that his solid relationship with his 3 children was his best achievement.

Warne was with friends in Koh Samui, Thailand and was found in his room on Friday afternoon. An official cause of death is pending, but it’s believed he had a heart attack. He was 52yo. His family have taken up the offer of a state funeral on a date to be set. And Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the MCG’s mega Great Southern Stand will be renamed the SK Warne Stand in his honour.

Rod Marsh was a huge figure in Australian cricket between 1970 and 1984. Put simply, he was one of cricket’s greatest-ever wicketkeepers. Marsh has many entries in the record books, but his partnership with legendary fast bowler Dennis Lillee was exceptional. ‘Caught Marsh, bowled Lillee’ was noted 95 times – a record that stands today. He was known as a “loveable larrikin” who had quite a bit of enthusiasm for a beverage. He famously drank 51 cans of beer on a flight to England in 1983 – let’s just say it was a different time… After retiring from playing, Marsh headed up the Australian Cricket Academy in Adelaide and was a head selector for Australia’s cricket team, before stepping down in 2016. The 74yo had a heart attack in Bundaberg, Queensland – he was placed in a coma and taken home to Adelaide but he did not recover. His son Paul said he was “an incredible husband, father and grandfather.” Marsh will also have a state funeral – the details are TBC.


Squiz the Rest

NSW flood crisis set to worsen

Rain has continued to bucket down in parts of NSW over the weekend, with warnings that flooding will continue there and in Queensland into this week. In northern NSW, a massive 1,086mm of rain has fallen in Uki, west of Byron Bay – that’s almost Sydney’s annual rainfall… And heavy rain and damaging winds have lashed the area from Kempsey to Tamworth. There have also been heavy falls in Western Sydney and the Hunter region, with floodwaters set to rise again across the Hawkesbury-Nepean river catchments. State Emergency Services Commissioner Carlene York told locals “it is not the time to let your guard down”. Assessing the damage so far, more than 2,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed in the Northern Rivers region. And in Queensland, more than 26,600 claims have been made for disaster support. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the government would begin its flood appeal with $2.1 million.

Australian News

Zelensky wants the West to implement ‘no-fly zone’

That’s a claim made overnight by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. He says the US is documenting the reports to establish if Russian forces are committing war crimes as the fighting continues. In the southern port city of Mariupol, efforts to evacuate its citizens have been suspended due to Russian shelling despite designated humanitarian corridors being agreed. Reports say 400,000 people are stuck there with no food, water, power or heating. That sort of treatment will likely come to other population centres, with Western intelligence officials expecting Russia to increase the pace and strength of its attack, including on the capital Kyiv. Russia’s relentless campaign has prompted Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to plead with the West to implement a ‘no-fly zone’ over his country to stop Russia’s aerial bombing campaign. That would see NATO forces engaging directly with Russian planes and potentially shooting them out of the sky if necessary, which it isn’t prepared to do.

World News

China cuts growth expectations

China is the world’s second-largest economy after the US, and when it gets a sniffle, many other nations’ economies get a cold… So it’s time to stock up on the tissues with officials forecasting economic growth of around 5.5% – a big cut on 8.1% last year. China is also cutting interest rates, and the government has pledged more tax cuts. “The world economic recovery lacks drive,” Premier Li Keqiang said on Saturday. Speaking of drive, China hasn’t been compelled to say much about the war its buddy Russia has waged in Ukraine. But it does raise questions about what might happen if China attempts to forcibly reunite with Taiwan. Defence Minister Peter Dutton yesterday said that Australia may send weapons to Taiwan if that happens. With regional security still a thing, he said the government might acquire nuclear subs earlier than the expected 2040 timeline. Some of the details are to be revealed by PM Scott Morrison in a speech to the Lowy Institute today.

Business & Finance

Tongan volcano unleashed world’s biggest ash cloud

Remember the huge explosion from the Hunga Tonga undersea volcano in January? NASA scientists have been studying the blast and have concluded that the ash cloud reached 58km into the air, making it the biggest on record. At that height, scientists say volcanic material like rock and sulphur dioxide made it into the 3rd layer of Earth’s atmosphere – the mesosphere. And questions about the release of sulphur dioxide, which can have a cooling effect on the Earth’s atmosphere – early studies show that there wasn’t enough gas released to have an impact. This eruption goes beyond what scientists thought was physically possible and allows new studies on the dynamics of volcanoes and how aerosol particles move through the atmosphere. NASA’s research also shows that the ash cloud covered an incredible 155,000 square km – about the size of 2 Tassies. #SquizShortcut

World News

The rise of the ‘hegans’

Warney’s shock death has unleashed a wave of grief for many but also a reckoning for middle-aged men about their health. Doctors are anticipating a surge in checkups, saying that 5 decades of improvements in heart screening, more exercise and early treatment of chest pain has led to complacency in the face of the reality that heart disease remains the #1 killer of men in Oz. Against this backdrop is the rise of the ‘hegan’. That’s men embracing veganism and challenging the stereotypes that blokey blokes must eat red meat. According to a survey commissioned by the UK’s Vegan Society, their number has quadrupled to 600,000 in the previous 5 years. That’s given rise to the “vegan bro” – a plant-based fanatic who likes to show off on social media. There’s even a Netflix series and a popular book with tips for blokes who want to join the trend… 


Apropos of Nothing

Music written by Maddalena Casulana – the world’s first female composer to publish her own music – will be heard for the first time in 400 years after the missing parts of her multi-voice songs were found. The BBC’s Radio 4 is putting on the performance to mark International Women’s Day tomorrow.

Also on the agenda this week – Alaska’s 50th Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. It’s 1,000 miles (aka 1,600km), and 49 mushers and their teams of huskies are off and running in warmer than usual conditions. They’ll be at it for more than 8 days…

And if you need a cuddle, you’ve got to get yourself to remote Western Oz where a Brahman bull calf named Ghost is really trying it on. Oh, buddy…

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Squiz the Day

11.00am (AEDT) Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk holds a press conference on the state’s flood recovery – Kingston

12.30pm (AEDT) – PM Scott Morrison addresses the Lowy Institute on the situation in Ukraine and Australia’s response – Sydney

Labour Day Public holiday (WA)

Start of Kidney Health Week (until 13 March)

Birthdays for Aussie media personality Rex Hunt (1949), and actors Bryan Cranston (1956) and Rachel Weisz (1970)

Anniversary of:
• Alexander Graham Bell receiving a patent for the telephone (1876)
• the invention of Monopoly (1933)
• Hitler breaking the Treaty of Versailles by sending troops to the Rhineland (1936)
• death of director Stanley Kubrick (1999)

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