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“The film has the very deep universal themes of any heroic journey, with an unlikely group in a sea of disbelievers chasing an impossible dream, and getting there.”

Said director Sally Aitken of her upcoming documentary about… The Wiggles. And here we were thinking they were 4 dudes in colourful skivvys having a blast singing kids’ songs…

More fun with Census 2021

If you were locked down last year, you might remember that completing the Census was a welcome (or not) change to the evening routine of telly, eat, sleep… And there were a few of us – according to new official data released yesterday. To recap: the Census is Australia’s most extensive statistical collection of information to get a handle on the national population, set electoral boundaries, inform the distribution of billions of dollars in public funding, and guide the planning of services and infrastructure. We’ve had to endure some seriously delayed gratification to reap the rewards of our efforts with the 2nd batch of insights from the Bureau of Statistics focusing on how we work and study.

Regarding education, most adults have gained a qualification after leaving school, with 51.7% of people aged 15+ completing a certificate, diploma or degree. Having a master’s degree is now as common as a bachelor’s was 30 years ago, so you’ll need a PhD if you want bragging rights these days… No surprise to parents is that 2.4 million work full-time and have significant child-caring duties to boot. And in the home, women are twice as likely to do the housework, even if they’re employed full-time, which rises to 3 times for female part-timers. When it comes to the types of jobs we do, 4 industries make up 40% of the workforce: healthcare, retail, construction and education. Sales assistant is the most common role, followed by nurses and general clerks. Men dominate the trades (99%), while women reign supreme in midwifery (98.7%).

Yes, alright, you’ve had your main, so here’s dessert… A booming industry that’s grown by 240% since the last Census in 2016 is distilling booze, particularly gin. The fastest-growing qualification was security science, up by a whopping 460% – given the recent focus on cybersecurity, that seems like a smart career choice… At the opposite end of the spectrum is video/media rental hiring services, which employ 160 people. It’s kinda surprising there are that many… Note: there were 7,593 “super Australians” who worked, studied, had caring responsibilities, did housework, and volunteered. If all of that isn’t enough to satiate your data-loving self, you’ll be pleased to know more info from the Census will continue to be released until mid-2023. Bring it on…

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Ukraine’s request for Aussie help

As concerns rise over Russia’s attacks this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked for Aussie military help to train new troops – something Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is considering. If Australia does help, Albanese says they won’t go to Ukraine but would head to the UK where they’ll work alongside other trainers, including New Zealand and Canada. Meanwhile, Russia has detained 8 people over Saturday’s explosion on the bridge linking Russia to Crimea – 5 are Russians. And US President Joe Biden yesterday said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “totally miscalculated” how the invasion of Ukraine would be received but doesn’t believe he will use nuclear weapons. That’s a different tune to last week when Biden said the Russian president “was not joking” when he raised nuclear threats.

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Flooding expected in Victoria

Wet weather is likely to cause issues for Victoria, southern New South Wales and northern Tasmania over the next couple of days, with the Bureau of Meteorology warning of potential flash flooding following forecasts of up to 100mm of rain in some areas today. That’s a lot of rain for one day… Emergency services will be sent to several regional Victorian areas, and warnings have been issued to communities near some of the state’s rivers. BOM forecaster Jonathan How says to keep an eye on the warnings because “it will become quite dangerous out there”. Damaging winds of up to 100km/hour could move across central and eastern Victoria, and the BOM says Melbourne probably won’t escape unscathed either, forecasting 45-70mm of rain today… It could become the city’s wettest October day on record if it reaches the higher end. Yikes – and stay safe.

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And the top uni marks go to…

If you’re in the tertiary education game or simply interested in how your uni stacks up against the world’s best, the Times Higher Education World University Ranking report released yesterday is where it’s at. Judged on teaching, research, knowledge transfer (aka the imparting of knowledge to students) and international outlook, the editors say they use 13 “carefully calibrated performance indicators” to develop an institution’s ranking. In Oz, Melbourne Uni is the top-ranked, coming in 34th internationally. Then it’s Monash (44), Uni of Queensland (53), Sydney Uni (54th) and ANU (62) rounding out the top 5. When it comes to the most-represented countries on the list, Australia was overtaken by China to claim the 4th spot. And internationally, the top 5 spots are hogged by UK and US institutions: Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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Vale Dame Angela Lansbury

One of the last surviving stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age has died at 96yo, her family announced yesterday. Born in London in 1925, Lansbury moved to the US during WWII and forged a 7-decade long acting career. She received 2 Oscar nominations by 21yo for Gaslight and The Picture of Dorian Gray, and she was a roaring success on Broadway. But it was her starring role as Jessica Fletcher in the long-running US crime series Murder, She Wrote that saw her win international acclaim in the 80s. And younger generations might remember her as Mrs Potts in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, where she sang the titular theme song. One of those paying tribute to the legend was her relative Malcolm Turnbull. We’re choosing to remember her through her Positive Moves fitness offering


The fattest bear of them all…

…is Bear 747. He collected the most votes in this year’s Fat Bear Week competition. It’s an annual contest held in Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve where the public’s favourite chunky brown bear is crowned before they head into winter hibernation. Bear 747 is thought to be one of the biggest brown bears on Earth, weighing in at a massive 635kg. But the sizeable bloke nearly didn’t make it to the final after a cheating scandal rocked the competition… 747 was the fan favourite until thousands of votes for his competitor during Sunday’s semi-finals – officials smelt something fishy – and it wasn’t bear breath… After they unearthed a bunch of spam votes, 747 was given his rightful opportunity to win the top honour for the 2nd time. You can bearly believe his luck…

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Apropos of Nothing

Speaking of animal comps… New Zealand’s hugely popular bird of the year poll is underway, and there’s anger over the kākāpō’s “hiatus” from running this time around. As the world’s fattest parrot/2-time winner, organisers have decided to make way for birds “that may be overshadowed by their flashier, chonkier or louder cousins”…     

Those genealogy DNA tests can throw up some interesting results… Case in point: Hannah Masterson, a teacher in Wollongong, got her results back and spotted a familiar face – her workmate Sharon Anderson. Keep your family close and your colleagues closer…

So you know that space mission last month where they crashed a small craft into an asteroid to see if they could alter its path? It worked… Designed to test a potential strategy to defend Earth against objects that might send us the way of the dinosaurs, NASA boss Bill Nelson said it was “a watershed moment for planetary defence and all of humanity”. No biggie, then…

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Squiz the Day

Company AGM – Cricket Australia

International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

World Sight Day

World Thrombosis Day

No Bra Day (suits us)

Birthdays for actor/comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (1971), former Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe (1982), and US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (1989)

Anniversary of:
• Greenwich in London established as the universal time meridian of longitude (1884)
• the ‘miracle in the Andes’ plane crash that inspired the film Alive (1972)
• US champ Simone Biles becoming the most decorated gymnast in history when she won her record 25th medal at the World Championships (2019)
• the birthdays of Margaret Thatcher (1925) and Jamal Khashoggi (1958)

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