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“This show involves the handling of cooked egg.”

Is one of the statements included in a trigger warning issued by a London theatre for its latest production of Further than the Furthest Thing. The Young Vic Theatre says it’s to do with allergy concerns – but those with an egg aversion might be thankful for the forewarning…

A murder suspect is extradited to Oz

The man accused of killing young Queenslander Toyah Cordingley has been extradited to Oz. Rajwinder Singh was escorted from India’s capital Delhi by officers from Queensland Police – they touched down in Melbourne yesterday afternoon. The 38yo appeared in court a couple of hours later, where prosecutors said they had DNA evidence and mobile phone tracking data that linked him to Cordingley’s death. That’s something Singh – an Aussie citizen and father of 3 – has repeatedly denied. In January, he said he “did not kill the woman” and would “reveal all the details” in Australia.

It’s been almost 4 months to the day since authorities in Queensland posted a $1 million reward for information about the man suspected of 24yo Cordingley’s murder – police say it led to his arrest. And to go back further, Cordingley’s father found her body on Wangetti Beach (between Cairns and Port Douglas) in October 2018. He went out looking for her when she didn’t return from walking her dog the day before. Police allege that Singh, who had been living in the town of Innisfail and was working as a nurse, left Australia the day after Cordingley. Yesterday, Acting Superintendent Kevin Goan said Singh had “fled to India, abandoning his family and his employment” and was in hiding until he was arrested last November after Indian police received a tipoff that he’d travelled to Dehli for a medical appointment. He’s been in custody ever since. Reports say his wife and children have continued to live in Australia.

Singh was remanded in custody after appearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday. As for today, he’ll face another hearing ahead of his extradition to Queensland today, and reports say he’ll appear in front of a magistrate in Cairns, possibly as soon as tomorrow. Singh’s extradition is a big deal given the 4-year search – Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll last week praised Indian and Australian authorities for working together on what she called one of the most intense investigations in recent years. Yesterday, Cordingley’s father Troy said it was “a very difficult time”, but he was pleased to see progress. “There is still a long way to go, but we are moving in the right direction. I will continue to stay as strong as I can until we reach some sort of justice for my beautiful girl,” he said.

Australian News Crime

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Letting off some economic steam

Treasurer Jim Chalmers says he’s “confident the worst of inflation is behind us”, but “substantial challenges” remain after Australia’s annual inflation rate eased to 7.4% in January, down from 8.4% in December. It’s better than analysts had predicted – but falling inflation is unlikely to see the Reserve Bank ease up on rate hikes when it meets next Tuesday. That’s because Australia’s economic growth isn’t meeting expectations. During October-December, the economy grew by 0.5% – over the year, Australia’s economy grew 2.7%, which is below the government’s target of 3%. The result was driven by Aussies tightening their belts as we dip further into our savings. Economists say a significant economic downturn is looking “increasingly possible” – keep in mind that in 2023, Australia’s economy is expected to grow by 1.5%, which is quite a bit slower than where we are now.

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A new prez for Nigeria

The polls closed in a disputed presidential election in Africa’s most populous nation on Sunday, and yesterday, ruling party candidate Bola Tinubu was declared the winner. The 70yo – considered a “political godfather” of Nigeria’s move to democracy in 1999 and formerly served as governor of Lagos state – received 36% of the vote, according to the official account. Key rival Atiku Abubakar claimed 29% of the vote, and newcomer Peter Obi got 25% – their parties have dismissed the result, claiming that voting irregularities and violence have clouded the vote. Tinubu will replace incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari – he’s stepping down after 2 terms of economic and security problems. Analysts say the result has shaken Nigeria’s 2-party system and exposed the growing divide between northern Muslim and southern Christian groups. Tinubu is set to be inaugurated in May.

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Walk this way

Check this health study out for creds: it’s from Cambridge University – tick. The key finding is based on data from 196 studies – tick. And in total, it involved more than 30 million people – tick. So you should believe them when they tell you that an 11-minute brisk daily walk could prevent one in 10 early deaths. That equates to 75 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week which is a good whack of the 150-300 minutes recommended in our national guidelines. And if you’re exercise-allergic, we’re talking about the sort of trot/shuffle that raises the heart rate and makes you breathe faster, but not so fast you can’t speak. “Doing activities that you enjoy and that are easy to include in your weekly routine is an excellent way to become more active,” said Dr Leandro Garcia from Queen’s University Belfast. Not counted: a quick walk to the servo for a pack of ciggies…


A new spin on time and space

What time is it on the moon, do you think? It’s not something we’ve thought much about either, but we’re not trying to coordinate multiple lunar missions across international space agencies and private players… That imperative has opened up the discussion on the benefits of establishing a common time to get everyone with lunar ambitions on the same page. Currently, each mission uses the time zone of the nation managing it. And yes, it’s ultimately linked to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) that we are bound to on Earth, but it’s not like the destination having its own timezone – something the European Space Agency says will help space travellers communicate and navigate. And while time is universal, the next question is who will establish and maintain it? Whomever it is, our money’s on it being inconvenient for Aussies hoping to tune into the moon’s big live broadcast events because we always get the rough end of that pineapple…


Apropos of nothing

We’ve all made bad choices in life – but getting a tattoo marking your team’s championship win ahead of the game – and they lose – seems like an own goal… One Newcastle United fan has acknowledged he was caught offside with Manchester United’s victory in Sunday’s League Cup final. “My mam is still a little bit livid – my grandma, she went ballistic,” he said…

The Weeknd is greedy when it comes to Spotify’s audience. Not only does he have the platform’s most-played song of all time (Blinding Lights with 3.4 billion plays…), but he’s also become the first artist to hit 100 million monthly listeners. Idea: if each of those listeners played that song 34 times, that would futureproof its #1 spot. We’re here to help…

The finalists and shortlisted photographers in the professional competition for the Sony World Photography Awards 2023 have been announced – the picture of the Afghan soccer players is a standout. And it would be remiss not to point you to this gallery of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspecting things. It’s not new, but it’s the first time we’ve seen it…

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7.50pm (AEDT) – NRL Season Opener – Parramatta Eels v Melbourne Storm – Sydney

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Tesla Investor Day – Texas

World Book Day

Empire of Light starring Olivia Colman, Michael Ward and Colin Firth, debuts in Aussie cinemas

Stella Prize 2023 longlist announced

Birthdays for Mark Evans (1956), Jon Bon Jovi (1962), Daniel Craig (1968), Chris Martin (1977) and Rebel Wilson (1980)

Anniversary of:
• the birthdays of Dr Seuss (1904), Lou Reed (1942) and Karen Carpenter (1950)
• the release of The Sound of Music (1965)
• Winx setting a world record for Group 1 wins by taking home the Chipping Norton Stakes in Sydney (2019)

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