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“The real question here is who orders an egg YOLK omelette?”

Said one Twitter wag of news that talk show host James Corden had been banned from a New York restaurant after he reacted badly to stray egg white in his wife’s breakfast of choice. Those game enough to try the unusual order for themselves said it’s not good

Climbing protests in Iran

Protesters in Iran have given a hero’s welcome to climber Elnaz Rekabi who arrived home after competing with her hair uncovered at the Asian Championships in South Korea on Sunday. Fears for her safety grew when reports surfaced on Tuesday that she was uncontactable after her passport and phone had been confiscated by Iranian officials. It was also confirmed that she’d left her hotel in Seoul 2 days before her scheduled departure date. Concerns were not allayed when a post on her Instagram account appeared where she apologised for “getting everybody worried” and said her head covering “inadvertently came off”. But there was some relief when she flew into Tehran yesterday to a large crowd clapping and chanting “Elnaz is a heroine”. Reports say it’s unclear where she is now.

There sure is, and our Squiz Shortcut out today will take you through it in more detail. But to cover it quickly, women in Iran must cover their hair with a hijab and dress modestly. Female athletes must also follow the dress code when representing their country abroad. This is a red hot topic right now because last month 22yo Mahsa Amini was arrested by morality police in Tehran for allegedly wearing her headscarf too loosely, and she died in custody. Police say she died from a heart attack, but reports say authorities beat her. That has sparked big protests across the country that are still going 5 weeks later and include demands from overhauling the regime’s strict social and political rules to the overthrow of the state.

And more than 200 people have died, including more than 20 children, and 1,000-plus have been detained in the crackdown on the dissent. On Tuesday, the UN Human Rights Office said it was deeply worried by the “unabated violent response by security forces against protesters”. Despite the risks, the scale of the defiance – women setting their headscarves on fire and cutting their hair in public – has not been seen before, according to human rights groups. These protests involve people from all sections of society and age groups and have spread across the country. And observers say there has been an unprecedented show of support from men and teenage boys participating in large numbers in support of the women’s demands. But will it result in change? That’s still a big and unanswered question.

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Ukrainians bracing for a cold, dark winter

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says widespread blackouts have impacted huge areas after one-third of the nation’s power stations were knocked over in 8 days. With winter approaching, the situation is “critical”, and the whole country needs to “prepare for electricity, water and heating outages”, officials say. The targeting of civilian infrastructure marks a new phase of the conflict, which experts say is designed to wear Ukrainians down. Despite the new tactics, Russia continues to lose ground, with Moscow’s new war commander Sergei Surovikin making a rare admission that there are difficulties. Overnight, President Vladimir Putin imposed martial law in the 4 Ukrainian regions he claims to have annexed – what difference that will make is unclear. Putin has also tightened security across Russia with the tightest restrictions in the areas bordering Ukraine.

World News

Flooded regions brace for more rain

The floods in Victoria have claimed another life after a 65yo man was found dead in the town of Nathalia yesterday. He was reported missing on Tuesday when a tractor he had been using was found empty in flood waters. It doesn’t look like the flooding is going to ease anytime soon – NSW and Victorian towns on both sides of the Murray River have been evacuated due to predictions it will reach its highest level in 150 years. Residents of Echuca and Moama have been racing to prepare, with the river expected to peak tomorrow or Saturday. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Meteorology has warned the flooding could continue in NSW for months. The damage is becoming clear, with aerial shots showing flooded towns and agricultural areas across several states. PM Anthony Albanese has broadened the eligibility for support payments, saying his “heart goes out to the communities” affected in NSW, Victoria and Tassie.

Australian News Weather

Mozzies love some people’s eau de odour…

With concerns that Australia’s floods could cause an uptick in the number of mozzies buzzing around this summer, a group of US researchers say they might be able to explain why some of us are more frequently targeted by the insects. Rockefeller University scientists spent 3 years carrying out more than 2,330 tests using samples of human forearm odour collected on sleeves. They focused on the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which can spread serious diseases such as yellow fever, dengue and Zika, and are found in Queensland and the Northern Territory. And they found that the insect was attracted to people with a particular odour on their skin caused by a mix of genetically-influenced, naturally-occurring ‘carboxylic acids’. Yep, the combination of chemicals on your skin could affect how often you’re munched on, and scientists say the results might help to develop more effective insect repellents. PS who knew there was such a thing as ‘forearm odour’…

Environment & Science

Australia says g’day

Tourism Australia’s first global campaign in 7 years is officially launching in New York today. Last week, the company revealed its new CGI-animated brand ambassador Ruby the Roo, voiced by Aussie actor Rose Byrne. And yesterday, it launched its 60-second TV ad featuring another famous voice: Will Arnett of Arrested Development fame. The Canadian-American actor is the voice of Louie, the toy unicorn who is shown around Oz. The $125 million campaign’s animated approach received some criticism at home, but the sentiment was more positive overseas. According to survey data from Tourism Australia, the UK, the US, Singapore, South Korea and Japan all rated the campaign 5 stars out of 5. Germany, India and China gave it a 4 – and France gave the campaign a lukewarm 3 stars. Oh non… The full 10-minute short film will be available here from 7am the morning. In the meantime, here’s the shorter clip.

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Apropos of Nothing

“Somebody call Samuel L Jackson!” is probably what business class passengers on a flight from Florida to New Jersey thought when a garter snake emerged during their trip. It was just a little one – the harmless reptile grows to 60cm… Call that a snake?

A Japanese heritage worker was supposed to preserve an ancient Kyoto temple, but he’s smashed his car into the country’s oldest dunny known as the ‘100-person toilet’. Bet he was flushed when his supervisor came by…

A Lismore folk band came close to pushing Minecraft overboard from the top spot of Apple’s App Store Chart with a retro video game promoting their new EP Same Boat. They sailed into 2nd place over Grand Theft Auto and are having a hull of a time with the success…

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Squiz the Day

ABS Data Release – Labour Force, September

Company AGM – Transurban

World Osteoporosis Day

International Chefs Day

Birthdays for composer Thomas Newman (1955), director Danny Boyle (1956), US Vice President Kamala Harris (1964), and rapper Snoop Dogg (1971)

Anniversary of:
• US President Abraham Lincoln formally establishing Thanksgiving as a national holiday (1864)
• the publication of the third and final volume of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Return of the King (1955)
• the opening of the Sydney Opera House by Queen Elizabeth II (1973)
• Joko Widodo becoming President of Indonesia (2014)

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