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“There are no shortcuts to success on the field or in life.”

Said American football legend Tom Brady, who announced he is hanging up the cleats after a glittering 22-season career. It’s comforting to know he’s had to work at being the greatest quarterback in NFL history and supermodel Gisele Bündchen’s husband…

Character assessment creates havoc for Team Morrison


‘Team Morrison’ seems too strong a term for the Coalition Government at the moment… That’s because the hunt is on for a senior Liberal who thinks their boss is “a complete psycho”. 


Unless you work at The Squiz and then she’s amazing.* But when your boss is the PM, jabs like that take on a bit more significance… To recap: Morrison’s National Press Club address on Monday saw Network Ten political editor Peter Van Onselen bowl up a curly question. The journo (who has his own team issues…) said he was in possession of a text message exchange between then NSW Premier Gladys Berejikilan and a “current Liberal cabinet minister” – a federal minister, he later clarified. “She described you as, quote, ‘a horrible, horrible person’, going on to say she did not trust you and you’re more concerned with politics than people. The minister is even more scathing, describing you as a fraud and, quote, ‘a complete psycho’.” Morrison responded that he didn’t agree with the character assessment and “I don’t think that’s my record.” Yesterday, Berejiklian said she had no recollection of it as a line-up of ministerial suspects took their cue from a Shaggy song… 


Strap yourself in for Election 2022… It’s due by 21 May, and the polls point to a significant loss of support for Morrison and his Liberal/Nationals government. It’s healthy to take the polls with a grain of salt, but this week’s Newspoll said the top 3 issues of concern for voters are pandemic recovery, the economy, and climate change. Asked who would do a better job of handling those, Labor’s Anthony Albanese leads Morrison on the pandemic and climate change. So with a maximum of 3.5 months to convince voters that they are all over it, the clock is ticking for the Coalition to turn it around (and for the Liberals to get candidates locked in…) if they are to be returned to office for a 4th term. Deputy PM/Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce has recommended the culprit identify themselves saying ​​it’s “one dinner and 2 bottles of red wine away from the whole world knowing”. As for Albanese, he says senior Coalition people have cast judgement on Morrison’s suitability to lead the country, and it’s “enough to disqualify him”. 

* A factually accurate statement that may/may not have been conveyed by the boss… 


Squiz the Rest

Witness outlines Roberts-Smith’s alleged war crime

Victoria Cross-winner Ben Roberts-Smith executed an Afghan detainee and directed a fellow soldier to kill another non-threatening man in a raid in 2009, according to court testimony from a serving special forces soldier. The soldier, known as Person 41, has been called by The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and the Canberra Times in the defamation trial launched by Roberts-Smith over a series of reports from 2018 that he says portray him as a war criminal. And yesterday, Person 41 said he saw Roberts-Smith instruct an Aussie soldier to kill an elderly, unarmed Afghan man. He later witnessed the decorated SAS officer fire “3 to 5 rounds” into another Afghan man’s back, killing him. The witness, who is still in the military, was granted a certificate protecting him against self-incrimination. The testimony of the men Roberts-Smith served with in Afghanistan marks a new phase of the trial that has been eagerly anticipated after COVID delays, and more is set to come.

Australian News Crime

Boot up the burner phones

On the eve of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the FBI has urged American athletes to swap their mobiles for ‘burner’ phones to protect against cyber attacks. The FBI urged the athletes to be vigilant and “maintain best practices in their network and digital environments”. Intelligence officials say China’s extensive surveillance systems will track the movement of all visiting athletes. Some Aussies will follow their advice, while the Australian Olympic Committee was advising athletes to only use the internet from inside the Olympic village. But medal hopeful Laura Peel isn’t too worried. “If you go with a VPN you can feel protected like you would at home,” she said. Competition at the Games got underway last night with mixed curling duo Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt going down to the Americans in a tight finish. They made history as the first Aussies to compete in the sport. And Alexander Ferlazzo had a crack in the group B men’s singles luge. All of that before tomorrow night’s opening ceremony…  You can get your head around the Beijing Winter Olympics, the controversies, and Australia’s prospects with this week’s #SquizShortcut.

Sport World News

Vale Glenn Wheatley

He was the manager of Aussie music stars including John Farnham and Delta Goodrem, and he’s been remembered as a champion of the music industry. He died from COVID complications at 74yo. Wheatley started out as a bass player in 60s rock band The Masters Apprentices, before moving to the dark side of management with the Little River Band in the 70s. It paid off when they became the first Aussie band to achieve multi-platinum record sales in the US. He then managed his close friend John Farnham and guided him through the mid-80s Whispering Jack/blonde mullet era. It remains the highest-selling album in Oz by a local artist thanks to megahits like You’re the Voice and Pressure Down. But amid the success, a 15-month jail sentence for tax evasion was a low point. Yesterday, Farnsy released a picture of the pair saying he was “devastated” by the death of his mate. Goodrem, who fell out with Wheatley years ago, took to Instagram to say she’d be forever grateful for his help in launching her career.

Australian News

Walking for life

Some good news if you’ve fallen off the exercise wagon – a new study has found that walking for an extra 10 minutes a day can boost your life expectancy. The study, which was conducted by America’s National Cancer Institute and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, looked at data from exercise trackers and the death rates of thousands of adults. After factoring in things like diet, age, and lifestyle sins like smoking, it found that even a little bit of physical activity could prevent more than 111,000 premature deaths every year. That lines up with previous findings, but the data points are more solid. And look, let’s be honest – a 10-minute walk a day doesn’t meet most exercise guidelines… So as an incentive, the study found that even longer walks boosted health outcomes even further. Time to strut your stuff…


Apropos of Nothing

A huge lightning bolt measuring more than 768km long that spread across the US states of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas in 2020 has broken the world record for the longest flash, scientists have confirmed. Cool/terrifying… 

Just as we were getting used to wearing face masks, South Korea has unleashed the kosk. It’s designed to fit over your nose so you can wear it while eating or drinking. Great. 

It seems like every other day, another celeb jumps on the non-fungible token (NFT) bandwagon, but not Ye. The artist formerly known as Kanye West took to Instagram to say he was sick of being asked to release one, saying “my focus is on building real products in the real world”. Like these weird sneakers, perhaps…

Quirky News

Squiz the Day

12.05 (AEDT) – Winter Olympics Curling – Mixed Doubles Round Robin – Beijing. Watch out for Aussies Dean Hewitt and Tahli Gill

2.10pm (AEDT) – Women’s First ODI Cricket Match – Australia v England – Canberra

9.00pm (AEDT) – Winter Olympics Freestyle Skiing – Men’s and Women’s Moguls – Beijing (featuring a few Aussies…)

ABS Data Release – International Trade in Goods and Services, December 2021; Building Approvals, December 2021

BAFTA Film Award nominees announced

Golden Retriever Day

Birthdays for Isla Fisher (1976), Amal Clooney (1978), and Elizabeth Holmes (1984)

Anniversary of:

  • the establishment of the world’s first commercial cheese factory in Switzerland (1815)
  • New Zealand’s worst natural disaster, the Hawke’s Bay earthquake, which killed 256 people (1931)
  • The day the music died. Rock n’ roll musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and JP ‘The Big Bopper’ Richardson were killed in a plane crash in Iowa (1959)
  • YMCA by Village People peaking at #2 on pop singles chart
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