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“I think he was born knowing how to pose.”

Said photographer Celine van Heel of her 91yo grandfather, who has taken on a new modelling career. He’s known as ‘the Spanish King’, and she says he must have “made a pact with the devil” considering his favourite pastimes are smoking and tanning…

Four pillars for the Voice


We heard more about the Albanese Government’s priority areas for the Voice yesterday, as Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney attempts to reset the conversation on the proposed Indigenous advisory body ahead of a referendum later this year. In a National Press Club address, Burney said she’ll ask the Voice to focus on 4 critical areas for Indigenous Australians: health, education, jobs, and housing. Burney also noted that most of Australia’s ‘Closing the Gap’ targets aren’t on track and said, “We have everything to gain and nothing to lose by supporting the Voice.”


Burney’s speech was a reply to the barrage of questions she received from the Coalition during Parliament’s last sitting week in June. Leader Peter Dutton and some of his front bench team are campaigning against the Voice, saying it could reach into “every area of public administration”. Dutton has said that under the current proposal, the Voice could “advise the tax commissioner on tax policy, they can advise the Treasurer on any element of the Budget…” But yesterday, Burney said that the ‘No’ campaign is “making false claims, including providing advice to government would somehow impact the fundamental democratic principle of one vote, one value.” Burney also responded to another of Dutton’s recent comments – on Sunday, Dutton said that the businesses backing the Voice lack “a significant backbone”. Yesterday, Burney said the business community wouldn’t be “impressed by the bully-boy tactics of Peter Dutton.”


Burney’s Voice speech comes after recent polls show support for the ‘Yes’ campaign at its lowest levels, with 72% of people in one survey saying not enough has been done to explain the functions of the Voice. Some pundits believe the ‘Yes’ campaign’s window to turn the numbers around is closing because the vote is not that far away… A date has not yet been named, but PM Albanese has previously said the referendum will take place “sometime between late September and December”. Asked yesterday to confirm a date, Burney declined, saying, “I am the wrong person to ask.”

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Israeli troops leave Jenin

Israeli forces have withdrawn two days after launching a military operation targeting the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank. Palestinian authorities say the operation, which started on Monday local time, prompted the evacuation of more than 500 Palestinian families and left 12 people – including at least 3 under-18s – dead. Israel says its goal was a “counter-terrorism operation” to destroy infrastructure and weapons linked to militant groups. But Palestinian authorities said it was an “invasion”. Yesterday Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu said his forces had completed “the mission” but that their “extensive activity in Jenin” was unlikely to be a one-off. And as troops left, Israel carried out several air attacks on the Gaza Strip following the launch of rockets from Gaza towards Israel.

World News

Fresh tension between Oz and China

PM Albanese says a push by Hong Kong authorities to arrest 8 overseas-based pro-democracy activists for allegedly breaking a national security law is “unacceptable”. Melbourne lawyer/Aussie citizen Kevin Yam and Adelaide’s former Hong Kong politician Ted Hui were named as 2 of the 8. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive John Lee said the activists would be “pursued for life”, with police offering rewards of around $190,000 for information leading to their arrests. And China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said the group had engaged in “anti-China activities” and “relevant countries” should “stop providing a safe haven for fugitives”. But Albanese is having none of it. Dutton also weighed in – he wants Albanese to cancel a planned trip to Beijing in response to the fracas.

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“Appalling and disgusting act”

The AFL is not at all happy about a cache of nude photos and videos of players currently being shared around the internet. The alarm was raised this week by a number of different AFL clubs, and media reports say that at least 45 players are caught up in the privacy breach. The AFL’s Integrity Unit is investigating the matter, and the league released a statement saying “it is important to note that many of the images are yet to be verified” and that it “wishes to reinforce the images have been shared illegally and without consent.” Police around the country have been contacted, and the AFL Players’ Association called the breach “an appalling and disgusting act.”

Australian News Crime

Oz looks to in-crease its Ashes lead

With so many people still huffing and puffing about the second Ashes Test, the third in the series bats off in Leeds tonight… and fireworks are expected after the Oz-England rivalry reached its fiercest level in years. That’s because the Aussie men’s team was accused of playing against the ‘spirit of cricket’ when English batter Jonny Bairstow was controversially dismissed, helping to hand the Aussies their second win. Things got so heated that PM Albanese and UK PM Rishi Sunak traded barbs on the saga – and by all accounts, the Aussies are set to be booed again tonight as they begin the new match. But winners are grinners, and a win at Headingley will secure us the series. And wouldn’t a clean sweep for the Aussie men’s and women’s cricket teams be nice?


And the winner is… AI

From the viral track featuring fake Drake and The Weeknd’s vocals to the ‘final’ Beatles tune due out later this year, artificial intelligence (AI) is making its mark on the music scene. That recently led the Recording Academy – the body in charge of the Grammy Awards – to enforce a new rule that “only human creators” could win the music industry’s top nod. That doesn’t mean songs made by AI or featuring AI elements are discounted altogether… instead, Academy boss Harvey Mason Jr says that a song will be considered for a nomination as long as a human contributes in “a meaningful way”. That’s actually the case for most AI tracks – many are produced by human creators but rely on ‘voice-cloning’ AI technology to mimic the sound of a singer’s vocals. And it has proven lucrative for one Aussie producer who recently released a track using fake Grimes vocals.

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Apropos of nothing

Fans of Barney & Friends have something to feel super-dee-duper about… Mattel Films says the iconic purple dinosaur will get his own movie in the wake of the company’s Barbie movie hype. Those involved say the film for adults will “lean into millennial angst”…

If fake freckles drawn on faces aren’t enough, the latest TikTok trend involves tattooing them on. But far from the freckles of times past, these ones come in the shape of hearts, stars and astrological signs. There’s no indication if they’re regret-free, however… 

And Matty Healy, The 1975 lead singer/former boyfriend of Taylor Swift, has a Kiwi winery’s marketing team toasting him… Healy swigged from a bottle of te Pā’s signature Pinot Noir while performing on stage in London over the weekend, causing a spike in international sales.

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8.00pm (AEST) – Men’s Cricket – 3rd Ashes Test – Australia v England – Leeds

ABS Data Release – International Trade in Goods and Services, May

International Kissing Day

Birthdays for the Dalai Lama (1935), George W Bush (1946), Sylvester Stallone (1946), Geoffrey Rush (1951) and 50 Cent (1975)

Anniversary of:
• the birthdays of Frida Kahlo (1907), Nancy Reagan (1921), and Hilary Mantel (1952)
• the release of Forrest Gump (1994) and Pokémon Go (2016)

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