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“People are yearning for something greater than themselves – beyond their own understanding.”

Said Los Angeles chaplain Jack Grogger in response to an Associated Press poll that found 7 in 10 Americans believe in angels. One expert says that’s because no matter the worldview, many people believe a force for good is guiding/protecting them. How divine… 

The Matildas waltz on

And breathe… Our women’s national football team has finished at the top of their group with a determined win against Canada last night. It was do-or-die stuff but the Matildas hunkered down and got it done, beating the reigning Olympic champs 4-0 in front of a capacity crowd in Melbourne.

It sure is. Oz would have been proud of them no matter what – and sympathised with them over their run of training injuries, including to captain Sam Kerr. (Note: she was named in last night’s squad but didn’t take to the field.) Getting the job done was Hayley Raso with 2 goals, Mary Fowler with one, and acting captain Steph Catley scoring a penalty goal. Speaking after the match, coach Tony Gustavsson said he knew they were ready for it. “Sometimes we just feel when things are going to go right,” he said. As for how we ended up the leaders in our group after that nervewracking loss to Nigeria last Thursday… Last night, Ireland and Nigeria drew 0-0, and that suits us just fine as far as taking an advantageous spot in the next round is concerned.

You can sus it out for yourself here – but long story short, the Group games will be done and dusted on Thursday, so there are a few footie boots to drop yet… The field of 16 teams going into the Knockout stages is taking shape and will also include Nigeria, Switzerland, Norway, Spain and Japan. The other starters will be confirmed as they complete their 3 games this week. Then it’s onto the Round of 16, which starts on Saturday – and the thing to know is that from there, a loss means instant elimination from the tournament. The quarter-finals (11-12 August) and semi-finals (15-16 August) are coming up fast – and the final is in Sydney on Sunday, 20 August. Time flies when you’re having fun…

Australian News Sport

Squiz the Rest

Chopper crew lost

There is no hope of finding 4 missing Aussie servicemen alive after their helicopter crashed into the sea during a training exercise on Friday night. Defence Minister Richard Marles delivered the assessment yesterday afternoon, saying the search-and-rescue effort had returned “significant wreckage from the helicopter”, but the operation is now focused on recovering the men’s remains. Marles also said, “there will be a full investigation, and we will … learn the lessons from it” – and he confirmed the Taipan helicopter fleet “will not fly again” until the cause of the crash is known. Chief of Defence Angus Campbell wouldn’t be drawn on what went wrong, saying “it’s not time now for careless or speculative comments.”

Australian News

A pinch and a punch…

Mortgage holders will be bracing for impact at 2.30pm as the Reserve Bank announces its monthly decision on the official cash rate after its board meets this morning. Financial markets put the chance of another rise at about 10%, and some economists have warned that a further rise could tip the economy into recession. Last week’s better-than-anticipated annual inflation figure of 6% makes a rise less likely, but Governor Philip Lowe has previously warned that more rises will be necessary to reach the 2-3% target rate. While we’re on the economy, China has stopped just short of providing direct financial aid to citizens in a bid to boost their lagging economic recovery. The stimulus removes limits on car purchases, encourages Chinese consumers to buy electronics and home decor, and even makes it easier to hold food festivals.

Want to know more about China’s sluggish economic recovery? We made a Squiz Shortcut just for you

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Trumping the field

According to the latest New York Times-Siena College poll of voters eligible to participate in the Republican primaries, former President Donald Trump is far and away the frontrunner to go up against the Democrats’ Joe Biden next year. And it’s not just hardcore supporters who want him to have another crack at the White House… Trump’s appeal stretches across demographic groups, regions and the ideological wings of the party. Overall, Trump leads his closest competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, 54% to 17%. Some insiders are surprised that DeSantis has failed to fire so far. Yesterday, the Washington Post described a gathering he fronted in early July where “the only time people really applauded was when he was introduced and when he was done. In between, it was clanging plates and people talking to each other.” Ouch… But there is a bit to go – the first primary is in mid-January.

World News

So close to a series win

England has won the final match of the Ashes, tying the series 2-2. Australia had retained the Ashes, but we were in a position to win them outright, and the defeat denied us our first series victory in England since 2001. In the final session overnight, England took 7-70, leaving us 49 runs short of victory. Accepting the trophy with Aussie captain Pat Cummins, England’s skipper Ben Stokes said that “2-2 is a fair reflection of 2 teams that have been going toe to toe.” And toe-to-toe they did go in a series marked by drama. That continued on the last day of play when Stokes got Steve Smith with a one-handed catch above his head at leg slip (aka he was fielding close to the wicketkeeper…). The umpire refused to give it out because he dropped the ball mid-celebration. “The crowd, the media, you get everything thrown at you. You wouldn’t want it any other way,” said Cummings…

Australian News Sport

Sounds of the bush

If there’s a vote on the cards, we’re there – especially if it’s an irresistible popularity contest to find Australia’s favourite animal sound. Our tip: flick through the options with your eyes closed and imagine yourself surrounded by the song of the whip bird or the koel, or the fairywren. And you can use the opportunity to find out what sound the Tassie devil makes (spoiler: it’s not pretty…). Dingoes, humpback whales, possums, koalas, and plenty of frogs also made the listening list. Our pick: well, it’s impossible to go past the cicada… Voting on the 28 candidates is open until 10 August, and then the top 10 will go to a final round with the winner announced on 18 August. Vote early, vote often…

Australian News Culture

Apropos of nothing

Judi Dench has said she can’t read scripts due to her deteriorating eyesight and can’t see on film sets anymore. The 88yo has macular degeneration but will continue to work, saying, “you know, you just deal with it. Get on.” What a Dame…

If you’re under 30yo, you might not be aware that there’s a thing on ABC TV each night called the 7pm News… If you’re acquainted with free-to-air TV, you might be interested to hear the public broadcaster’s Sydney presenter Juanita Phillips is hanging up her… news desk? She says after 21 years, September will be the right time to go. 

And star Sydney Swan Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin has ended his AFL career with a calf injury. Regarded as one of the best the game’s ever seen, the shy guy characteristically skipped his retirement press conference but took to Instagram to thank his supporters for the “crazy ride”.

Quirky News

Squiz the Day

12.30pm (AEST) – Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Natasha Fyles, addresses the National Press Club – Canberra

2.30pm (AEST) – The Reserve Bank board announces its latest interest rate decision

ABS Data Release – Building Approvals, June; Lending Indicators, June

Start of World Breastfeeding Week (until 7 August)

Start of Pawgust (for Guide Dogs Australia)

Switzerland’s national day

Birthdays for director Sam Mendes (1965), actor Jason Momoa (1979) and all Aussie horses

Anniversary of:
• English chemist Joseph Priestley discovering oxygen by isolating it in its gaseous state (1774)
• the publication of the first Michelin Guide by the brothers Édouard and André Michelin (1900)
• Mahatma Gandhi founding the Non-Cooperation Movement aiming to end British rule in India (1920)
• the production of the first Jeep car (1941)
• te reo Māori becoming an official language of New Zealand (1987)
• the publication of George RR Martin’s A Game of Thrones, the first in his series A Song of Ice and Fire (1996)

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