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Squiz Today – Tuesday, 13 June

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“There’s one thing that can keep you forever young … pure denial.”

Said White Lotus muse Jennifer Coolidge at a fan event in Sydney on Saturday. The resurgent star also said she bolstered her self confidence during the lean years by going to see “really bad stuff” on stage. She’s quite the sage…

From a joyous occasion to disaster


At least 10 people have died after a bus transporting 35 wedding guests rolled at a roundabout just off the Hunter Expressway near Greta in the NSW Hunter Valley on Sunday night. Reports say emergency services were called just after 11:30pm, and Acting Assistant Police Commissioner Tracy Chapman said they arrived at “a confronting and very traumatic scene” that saw survivors pulled through the front of the bus. Authorities released the names of the dead overnight, but yesterday confirmed that 25 people were transported to several hospitals, including one patient who’s in critical condition. NSW Health yesterday confirmed that 10 have been discharged, and said those who remain under care have “varying injuries”.


The short answer is no – police say the crash site “will require scientific examination” with forensic experts piecing together what happened. What is known is the Linq Bus Lines bus was transporting 35 guests from the Wandin Estate winery to Singleton after the wedding of local couple Mitchell Gaffney and Maddy Edsell. Singleton’s mayor Sue Moore says she believes many of the victims are from the town and could be linked to the Singleton Roosters Aussie Rules club, where the groom plays. As for the driver, police say 58yo Brett Button from Maitland was taken to hospital for mandatory testing after the crash, and then taken to Cessnock Police Station where he was arrested. He was charged with 10 counts of dangerous driving occasioning death late yesterday afternoon and will appear at Cessnock Local Court this morning. 


Unfortunately, yes – there’s been several horrific bus crashes with fatalities in the double-digits over the years, and with 10 confirmed deaths, the Greta crash is the equal 7th-worst road crash in our history. Sunday’s crash is the worst loss of life in a single road incident since 1994, when a bus crashed at Boondall in Queensland, killing 12 people. Our worst road crash on record was at Kempsey in 1989 when 35 people died. Yesterday, PM Anthony Albanese thanked the first responders and medical staff. “The mental scars of this will not go away. They are there forever and we need to make sure that when the spotlight leaves the care doesn’t,” he said. No doubt those with memories of past tragedies will second that… 

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Squiz the Rest

It’s on in Ukraine

After months of speculation, Ukraine’s counteroffensive has kicked off with the recapture of 3 small villages on the war’s frontline from Russian forces. Blahodatne, Neskuchne, and Makarivka – all settlements in Ukraine’s east – have been liberated from Russian occupation, according to videos on social media and Ukraine’s military leaders. Over the weekend, President Volodomyr Zelensky said that “counteroffensive and defensive actions are taking place”, confirming that the actions are part of the long-awaited effort to push Russia out of the country. But it hasn’t gone all Ukraine’s way with some heavy losses, according to independent analysts. Elsewhere in the country, the collapse of the Nova Kakhovka dam is being investigated by the International Criminal Court, with the death toll from the flooding estimated to be more than 10 people.

World News

Trump gets another wear of his arraignment suit…

By the time we talk tomorrow, former US President Donald Trump will have been in court in Miami, Florida on criminal charges over claims he kept more than 100 classified documents in his possession after leaving the White House. Specifically, he’s up on 37 counts of violating the Espionage Act, making false statements and obstructing justice. And we’re not just talking any ole breach – Trump is accused of using easily accessible areas of his Mar-a-Lago resort (including a bathroom…) to store the papers that included details of America’s nuclear secrets. And while it might sound like a storage issue gone wrong, legal experts say it’s a serious legal threat to Trump and his plan to get back in the White House. Ahead of Tuesday afternoon’s court appearance (aka about 5am tomorrow in eastern Oz), authorities are ramping up the security while monitoring online threats and gatherings of his far-right groups. Trump has called for his supporters to protest… 

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Updates on other former leaders…

BORIS JOHNSON IS GAWN – The former UK PM abruptly resigned from politics on Friday after receiving a draft report from the review into his involvement in COVID lockdown breaches. In a long and angry letter, Johnson accused the parliamentary committee of driving him out. The release of the final report is expected this week

NICOLA STURGEON IS ALSO IN HOT WATER – Scotland’s former first minister was arrested yesterday as police investigate the handling of her party’s finances. She was released without charge and posted a statement saying “I am innocent of any wrongdoing.” The scandal has been ongoing for months and the polls show a fall in support for her party as a result.

SILVIO BERLUSCONI HAS DIED – The former Italian PM was in hospital in Milan – reports say in recent weeks he had an infection linked to leukaemia. A billionaire media tycoon, he entered politics in 1994 and led 4 governments on and off until 2011. He was never far away from scandal

World News

King’s honours for top Aussies

Australia’s good and great have been recognised in the King’s Birthday honours list revealaed yesterday, with comedian Barry Humphries posthumously awarded the top nod as a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC), and author Tim Winton being named an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO). Indigenous singer/songwriter Shellie Morris was also made an AO for her contributions to music and community. A former Matildas vice-captain Moya Dodd got an AO for her service to women’s soccer ahead of the big tournament we’re co-hosting from next month. The youngest awardee was Cody Schaeffer – the 29yo got the nod for setting up a nonprofit that helps disadvantaged youth improve their mental health. You can scroll through the lists – full of some seriously impressive medicos, professors, performers, and leaders – here.

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And even more winners…

There were plenty of grinners across the weekend of sport, with Australia’s test cricket team taking out the ICC’s World Test Championship against India. Cruising in with a comfortable 209-run lead, Australia’s captain Pat Cummins said, “It’s been an amazing 2 years” but made it clear that he’s already looking ahead to the Ashes, which start on Friday. Novak Djokovic became the first man on the tennis court to win 23 grand slam titles after a straight-sets win over 24yo Capser Ruud in the French Open. For the women, it was all about Iga Natalia Świątek’s 3-set battle against Karolína Muchová. And football fans were treated to a rare Treble when Manchester City added to their FA Cup and the Premier League wins by taking out the European Champions League final on Sunday morning. They took down Inter Milan 1-0 – and scored a congrats from Hollywood idol Julia Roberts


Apropos of nothing

A Florida university professor has resurfaced after 100 days underwater following an experiment to study the human body’s tolerance for isolation. “Dr Deep Sea” sure earned his nickname… 

Also in the name of science, a Uni of Nottingham researcher has disguised himself as… a car seat. The terrible Halloween costume was part of an experiment to study how pedestrians responded to driverless cars, or at the very least cars that appear to be driverless

Having absolutely nothing to do with science was Melbourne’s 10,000 Kazoos event, held on Saturday as part of the Rising festival. Led by Squiz-mate Sammy J, the kazooters performed numbers by Céline Dion and Rick Astley. One wrote it was “the dumbest thing I had ever done and yet I don’t know if I’d ever felt so joyful or free.”

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Squiz the Day

From 7.00am (AEST) – PM Anthony Albanese and Opposition leader Peter Dutton address the CEDA 2023 State of the Nation conference

Federal parliament sits for 2 weeks

ABS Data Release – Labour Force, May; National, state and territory population, December 2022; 2021 Census Update of the Net Interstate Migration Model, 2020-21 financial year

Start of Australian Local Government Association National General Assembly (until 16 June) – Canberra

International Albinism Awareness Day

Birthdays for Red Symons (1949), Stellan Skarsgård (1951) Tim Allen (1953), Chris Evans (1981), and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (1986)

Anniversary of:
• the birthdays of poet WB Yeats (1865) and musician Slim Dusty (1927)
• the premiere of the film Grease (1978)

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