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“I try not to take myself too seriously as an athlete.” 

Said Belgian shot put champ Jolien Boumkwo who literally stepped up to run the 100m hurdles at the European Championships in Poland so the team wasn’t disqualified. She not only completed the race, she did it with a smile. And sure had the lycra, but not all heroes wear capes…

More Aussie support for Ukraine


The Australian Government has approved a new support package for Ukraine worth $110 million as Russia’s war drags on. The funding covers 70 military vehicles, ammunition, and a $10 million donation to the United Nations for its humanitarian work across the country. Ukraine’s officials had their fingers crossed for some Hawkeis – the Aussie-made light patrol military vehicles – but yesterday, PM Anthony Albanese did not answer those calls. Coalition leader Peter Dutton said the government “should get on with it and provide that support”, but Albanese said there were better ways we could help. Ukraine’s Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov was happy – he tweeted yesterday that he was “grateful to Australia for the Anzac spirit and for standing strong with Ukraine”.


That’s a fair question given the uprising led by Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin over the weekend. Yesterday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky put in some calls to key allies ahead of the NATO summit in Lithuania in a fortnight. He spoke to US President Joe Biden, Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau and Polish President Andrzej Duda about Ukraine’s counteroffensive – and unsurprisingly, Russia’s internal dramas also got a mention… In a statement after the calls, Zelensky said that “Russian aggression is gradually returning to its home harbour”. Albanese is attending that upcoming NATO meeting, but yesterday he made it clear that the timing of Oz’s new support package had nothing to do with what’s unfolded in Russia – but he did say it is “a disaster for Mr Putin”.


The experts are broadly aligned that it’s been a damaging chapter for President Vladimir Putin – and particularly troubling for the Kremlin is that some Russians gave their support to the Wagner mercenaries during the weekend’s uprising. “If I were Putin, I would be worried about those people on the streets of Rostov cheering the Wagner people,” CNN’s Russia expert Jill Dougherty said. But Putin doesn’t agree with that assessment – this morning he has addressed the nation and said “solidarity has shown that any blackmail attempts to create internal unrest are doomed to failure.” And overnight, Prigozhin released his first video message after Saturday’s mutiny – he said he had no intention of trying to topple Russia’s government but was focused on holding Russia’s defence ministry to account for failures that have seen thousands of Russian fighters die in Ukraine. 

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My big fat Greek election – part 2

We promised to update you on the Greek election, which went to round 2 this weekend after an inconclusive result 5 weeks ago – and we’re people of our word… Coming out on top of Sunday’s vote is incumbent PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis, whose centre-right New Democracy party looks like they’ll claim around 158 seats of the 300-seat parliament. New Democracy also lead the election 5 weeks ago, but Mitsotakis decided to return to the polls to ask voters for an outright majority – a strategy which has paid off. The former Harvard grad/McKinsey consultant’s winning campaign focused on the economy and cost of living concerns, as well as a promise to improve Greece’s dismal credit score. Less pleased were the left-wing Syriza, who lost about 30 seats. And a surprise result was the far-right, anti-migrant Spartans party, which may gain up to 13 seats in Parliament…

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A cocaine bear market

We don’t like to start rumours, but that really intense friend of yours with the sniffles might actually be part of a booming cocaine market, if the latest UN study is anything to go by… The latest World Drug Report released yesterday estimates that the number of worldwide cocaine users (currently estimated to be 22 million) is growing steadily, and the most recent data on the drug’s production points towards a, ahem, record high. On the flip side, cocaine seizures are outpacing the growth in cocaine production, which the report says means that the actual amount of cocaine being sold to users could be less than it was in the mid-2000s. However, Australia got a special mention – the report noted our relatively high prevalence of cocaine users. Maybe it’s time to check in on that friend…

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I knew you were trouble when I logged in

It’s a problem Oz-based Swifties will know all too well by the time this week is over… Yesterday, the American Express events site experienced “technical difficulties” as card-holding fans got first dibs on pre-sale tickets to her Taylor Swift’s Eras tour coming to Melbourne and Sydney in February. And keep in mind these were not the cheap seats – the tix on offer were priced at a minimum of $899.90… Next up – Wednesday brings the digital crush from the million people who registered for pre-sale. And Friday – good luck, general admission… Even if karma is the breeze in your hair on the weekend, you might need all the good juju on offer to land a spot at one of her 5 concerts…

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Gardner the Great

You’d have to be pretty happy with the way Australia’s started the Ashes… Our men’s team pulled off an epic win against England in their first match of the series last week. And overnight, our women have won their Test match by 89 runs, thanks in large part to spinner Ash Gardner… She took 8-66 in the second innings – the second-best Test bowling figures ever achieved by a woman. And across both innings, Gardner took 12 wickets – the best bowling performance of all time by an Australian woman and second best in women’s cricket history. She said it was “just awesome to be able to put a performance on for the team.” That was the only Test match they’ll play in the series, and it’s now onto 3 T20 and 3 One Day games – and we need to win 2 more matches to retain the Ashes. Whatever the format, good luck beating ‘em, England – the Aussies are the best women’s team in any sport worldwide…  


I just can’t get you out of my bed

Bedmates = fun, up to a point… Recent American studies have turned the bedside lamp on to highlight what is known as ‘sleep divorce’, and found that it might be more common than you’d think… A New York Times survey has found that 20% of coupled-up adults sleep separately at least some of the time, while a Sleep Foundation survey revealed that 1.4% have made it a permanent solution. And while some separate sleepers reported a better rest, a third study from 2022 suggests that co-sleepers fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and are less fatigued. Whatever gets you through the night…


Apropos of nothing

Less friendly are the killer whales off the coast of Spain, which continue to damage boats. The leading theory is that leader White Gladis is seeking revenge for a boat-related injury – and Gladis and Co were back at it bumping the boats in an endurance sailing race on the weekend. 

Feeling less agro is Sammy the baby seal. He’s delighted locals by jumping onto their boards at a San Diego beach. The seal didn’t quite get to hang 10, but he did have a few tricks up his flipper… 

An American man who bought a US$299,000 ‘lifetime pass’ from United Airlines in 1990 has called it the “best investment of my life”. Tom Stuker has visited more than 100 countries on the pass and travelled 37 million kms – collecting points as he goes. 

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7.30pm (AEST) – Women’s Basketball – Asia Cup – Australia v Taiwan – Sydney

ACT Government hands down its 2023/24 budget

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Small Business Day

PTSD Awareness Day

Birthdays for Vera Wang (1949), JJ Abrams (1966), Tobey Maguire (1975), and Khloe Kardashian (1984)

Anniversary of:
• the publication of the first women’s magazine, the Ladies’ Mercury (1693)
• the world’s first ATM installed in London (1967)

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