/ 09 April 2021

Squiz the Day

National Cabinet meets

ABS Data Release – Building Approvals, February (Additional Information)

Birthdays for Nigel Slater (1958), Marc Jacobs (1963), Cynthia Nixon (1966), Kristen Stewart (1990) and Lil Nas X (1999)

Anniversary of:
• the end of US Civil War after the surrender of the Confederate army (1865)
• US troops capturing Baghdad, which led to the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime (2003)
• The wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla (2005)

It’s the 100th day of the year. Yes really…

Anniversary of:
• the first law regulating copyright being issued in Great Britain (1710)
• the patenting of the safety pin (1849)
• RMS Titanic setting sail from Southampton for her maiden – and only – voyage (1912)
• the publication of F Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ (1925)
• Paul McCartney officially announcing the split of The Beatles (1970)

12.05am – Women’s Soccer – Matildas v Germany – Wiesbaden, Germany

4.05pm – W-League Soccer Grand Final – Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory – Jubilee Stadium, Sydney

BAFTA Awards – UK

World Parkinson’s Day

Anniversary of:
• US President Lyndon Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act (1968)
• the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange after his forced removal from the Ecuadorian embassy in London (2019)

Early morning – Golf – US Masters Tournament concludes – Augusta, Georgia 

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