Team Squiz Picks of 2023

We've sorted through our top reading, watching, and listening recommendations of 2023, and neatly wrapped them up into this Team Squiz Picks guide. Aren’t we the gift that keeps on giving...

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WATCHING - Favourite show/series/movie of the year

My Brilliant Friend - The superb adaptation of the books of the same name. As the title suggests it's about a female friendship that spans decades. The good news is all 3 seasons are still available on SBS. It's in Italian but the sub titles are wonderful. Get on it because season 4 is coming... Gillian Bradford, content whiz

Succession - A popular answer, I'm sure, but the final season didn't disappoint. The script and characters were satisfying until the very end. I would watch anything Sarah Snook is in. Lauren Jennings, head of partnerships

Drops of God - An 8-part series on AppleTV+ about a French woman and Japanese man who battle to inherit the world's most valuable wine collection. The story is about family, competition... wine and travel! 4 of my loves!! Emma Bromell, Squiz Kids wrangler

The Deepest Breath on Netflix - Documentaries are my thing, and this one on the sport of freediving has it all. Kate Watson, commercial director/Weekly Wrap co-host

Game Changer - The improv comedy show on YouTube from Dropout where the comedian contestants have no idea what game they're about to play. If you haven't heard of it, Dropout is a great streaming service – it evolved from the CollegeHumor YouTube channel they now make their own original series. Alex Tighe, Squiz Today/Shortcuts co-host

The Lost Flowers of Alice Heart - I broke all the rules by watching the show before reading the book. I stand by this decision (having still not read it). But this TV show not only hit me in the feels, it was beautifully shot. Every scene gave me a good dose of emotion, and interesting characters, but also that warm nostalgia and pride you get from seeing Australian scenery on your screen. Tenita Campton, partnerships manager

Silo - It's on AppleTV+. It's just a solid watch. Ellen Whiting, partnerships manager

Beckham - I was a little young for the peak of Beckham-mania, so it was fascinating to see and hear the story of David Beckham's playing career. Also, who knew that Posh and David Beckham were so relatable... Annelise Taylor, News Club producer

WHAM! - I mean, George Michael, Andrew Ridgeley, a tale of talent and friendship and great 80s pop music. It was so good, and one I'll watch again this break. Claire Kimball, Squiz founder

READING - Favourite book or long read article

The Year My Family Unravelled by Cynthia Dearborn - It's a memoir about a year in which the writer finds herself in the role of caregiver and advocate for her 75yo father who has vascular dementia. Emma Bromell

Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver- Hands down, this was my read of the year. A masterfully written piece of fiction using David Copperfield and the US opioid crisis as inspiration. It's as winning as it is unlikely a combination. Bryce Corbett, Squiz Kids host

Dirt Town by Hayley Scrivenor - I'm a huge fan of this new(ish) genre of Aussie bush crime drama. Have just torn through Dirt Town. It got wraps from Trent Dalton and Jane Harper - and I've loved all their books. Gillian Bradford

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus - A quick, easy read with enjoyable characters and plot. The TV series is pretty good too! Lauren Jennings

Matthew Perry's Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible ThingHis honesty, vulnerability and comedic genius are evident on every page. Kate Watson

An Immense World by Ed Yong - it's a masterpiece for opening your imagination up to the wonder and vastness of nature. Yong is a science journalist for The Atlantic, and in this book, he tours through the different senses found in the animal kingdom. There are way more senses than you realise... Alex Tighe

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig - It's not the best book I've ever read, but it's the one I haven't stopped thinking about since I finished it. It's an easy + uplifting read and has sparked many convos with friends/family. Annelise Taylor

Still Life by Sarah Winman - It has a bit of the Trent Dalton magic realism about it, but the setting in Tuscany is just beautiful. Larissa Moore, Squiz growth/engagement director

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LISTENING - Podcast/playlist/album/song

Ghost Story - Loved the host's storytelling and the combination of history, thriller and family saga. A bit of dry humour too. Lauren Jennings

The Witch Trials of JK Rowling - As a journo of more than 25 years I'm fascinated by 'cancel culture' and was really struggling to understand how a whole generation turned on their beloved author. Soo much food for thought in this podcast. Gillian Bradford

The Aging Project with Shelley Craft - This was my favourite podcast for the year because I'm about to turn 50yo and getting old scares me! Emma Bromell

The Weekly Wrap - There's this little podcast show by The Squiz, I quite like it. Kate Watson (aka the Weekly Wrap co-host)

Hard Fork, from The New York Times – This podcast has tech journalists who really know what they're talking about, and are also big performers – they have a lot of fun explaining the frontiers of technology. Alex Tighe

The Off Menu Podcast - For lovers of food and English comedy, it hits the spot. Ellen Whiting

Acquired Podcast - I've been raving about this all year. They dive into the stories of various companies - like Nike, Costco, WhatsApp, Nintendo – and it's this fascinating blend of history, business, and storytelling. The episodes are loooonngggg, so I treat them like a audiobook and listen over a week. Annelise Taylor

This beautiful cover by Gang Of Youths of 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' is getting a good run right now. Larissa Moore


@bradybunch - The Brady Bunch are now on Instagram... Key takeaways: Jan was properly annoying, blended families provide rich fodder for situational comedy, and Alice really was the acceptable face of 1970s indentured labour. Oh - and the fact Sam the butcher didn't get his own spin-off series is one of the great travesties of television. Bryce Corbett

@boldandbeautifulcbs - The official Bold and the Beautiful Insta page. It keeps me about 3 weeks ahead of the episodes playing on Channel 10... Gillian Bradford

@genevavanderzeil - A female DIY-er who upcycles furniture and homewares. Feels genuine, features great ideas and lots of beautiful interiors and imagery. Lauren Jennings

@thethinkingtraveller - Oh the places I would go... Emma Bromell

@absstats - The good old Bureau of Stats... Never fails to impress. Kate Watson

@jaythechou (on X) - Jason Chou has been photoshopping Paddington Bear into movies and TV shows for a couple of years, and it's a delight. Alex Tighe

@SamCotton - Very funny animations. Ellen Whiting

@colormeloverly - On Instagram and TikTok. She does comedy sketches where she plays the PR representative for embattled celebrities. It's very, very funny. Annelise Taylor

@pattipinkcake - Fashion, social events, Double Bay - she's got everything and it's not a p*ss-take - or is it? Claire Kimball

@thefemaleathleteproject - keeping up my post-Matilda's women's sport knowledge and @elyse_myers for funny takes, bit of mental health stuff, and randomly, crocheting. Larissa Moore