/ 22 September 2023

Introducing your new personal assistant…


Google has been quiet on the artificial intelligence (AI) front since launching its chatbot in March, but Bard is back with some nifty updates… Like its ChatGPT rival, Bard’s first iteration could help users with tasks like writing essay drafts. Now, Google users can opt to give the AI tool access to Google’s suite of products – including Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube – to assist with tasks like locating and summarising specific information in a Google Doc and telling you when you have space in your calendar for a meeting. As one journo discovered when he tried to get Bard to psychoanalyse his emails, it’s not failproof but Google says it will improve over time. Not to be outdone, ChatGPT has a big update of its own: it can now generate images from text prompts after DALL-E was added to the chatbot. We’ll have to see if that means that AI may have finally overcome its hand problem

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